University Coaching Assistant Training

The University Coaching Assistant provides more entry levels for you to get involved in supporting rowing activities at your university clubs.


The University Coaching Assistant training came about as a result of university rowing clubs identifying that despite a lot of people delivering activity in university clubs, there needed to be a more effective way of succession planning between year groups to ensure that there were enough students with some training in delivering activity year on year.

University Coaching Assistants should be working under the direct supervision of a rowing coach (Level 2 qualified or above).

The training will help you to:

  • Identify your roles and responsibilities as a University Coaching Assistant.
  • Identify the key components in delivering a safe and inclusive session to a group of rowers.
  • Identify some of the skills required to deliver these sessions effectively.
  • Look at the key skills and technical development in rowing activities.
  • Experience rowing activities through video observation.
  • Discuss the key skills of a University Coaching Assistant when supporting rowing sessions.

Quick Facts

How much will it cost?


How long is the training?

Three hours

Who can attend?

It is suitable for anyone interested in assisting with coaching in a university club environment, who is at least 16 years of age.

It t is also the preliminary first step onto the formal Coach Education pathway.

How is the training structured?

This training is currently only run online.

How do I apply?

Check the calendar to find University Coaching Assistant training near you.

Then book online using our booking system.

More information

Coaching Assistant FAQs

Coaching Assistants: The Essentials

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