Time to Listen

This workshop is designed specifically to support the role of Club Welfare Officers within the club governance structure.


It builds on the material covered in the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop, which is a prerequisite for Time to Listen. The workshop provides clear and concise information and guidance to Club Welfare Officers to help them execute their roles and responsibilities effectively. It further develops a child-focused approach to safeguarding, sharing good practice and learning from others in the same role.

Quick Facts

How much will it cost?


How long is the workshop?

Three hours.

Who can attend?

Club Welfare Officers

How is the workshop structured?

This workshop encourages group discussion and participation using games and scenarios.

How do I find a workshop?

Check the CPSU calendar to find a workshop near you.

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Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop

This workshop is recommended as part of the minimum level of training and awareness for adults working with children.

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Requesting a Workshop

Nothing running in your area? Contact us and we can work together to arrange something.

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