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Want to know how to update your details with British Rowing should anything change? Check out our FAQs here.

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Our Club Committee has changed. How do we update these details?

It is easy to ensure that British Rowing is kept up to date with current and correct contacts for your club. To amend or update please use ‘Club Management’, British Rowing’s online system for clubs. If your club does not have a current Club Management Administrator, please email clubs@britishrowing.org.

How do we change our kit colours or blade design?

If Clubs wish to update their blade design or colour, kit or logo, please email clubs@britishrowing.org with your details and the new image.

What is Club Management?

Club Management is an online management tool that enables clubs to update your own club details and memberships. Once your Club Management Administrator is in place they will be able to assign roles to several agreed members of your committee, such as Welfare, Online Entry, Safety, Boat Registration etc. If you wish to change who will have overall access to Club Management to another British Rowing member please contact clubs@britishrowing.org.

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Club Management System

The Club Management System is one of the services provided by British Rowing that allows Club Officers to edit and update aspects of your club.

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Communication is really important within any club setting, as you need to share information with various groups of people from rowers to coaches to volunteers, as well as external organisations.

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Data Protection

When members sign up to a club they will normally expect to be contacted with relevant information and news updates.

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EA Boat Registration

Affiliated clubs are able to purchase reduced price Environment Agency (EA) Boat Registrations through British Rowing.

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