What will the costs be?

We’ll be offering ClubHub to all affiliated clubs as one of the benefits of affiliation to British Rowing. Sport England have agreed to fund the development and roll-out of the system, which is fantastic as these particular costs (which are pretty significant) won’t have to be recouped through the rowing community.

Just to be completely transparent on costs: if clubs choose to use the online payment facility in ClubHub, there will be a small percentage fee of 2% levied on every transaction. The majority of this will go to the payment provider, which is standard practice for most products that offer this kind of service. A small amount (0.1%) of this will go to British Rowing, which is how we will pay for ongoing upkeep and further development of the system. Going forward we want ClubHub to be self-financing, as we see this as the best way to ensure clubs are confident that it’s a product with a long-term future.


What are the online transactions fees?

The online transaction fees mentioned above will be 2%, which is a competitive rate. This is lower than clubs would pay through other similar systems and software available on the open market and has the added benefits of having been designed for, and tested by, rowing clubs.


Can we manage our financial processes as we do now?

If clubs want to carry on using their existing payment methods and providers, that’s fine too. You could continue with your current standing order and GoCardless arrangements if that’s best for you, and just use ClubHub as a standalone database to store and manage member details, without the integrated online payment facility. We think ClubHub will work best when all the integrated features are used, especially all the financial reporting functionality but recognise that some clubs may rather retain some of their existing processes.


Will clubs be able to choose which parts of the ClubHub system to use?

Yes, that’s the plan. As mentioned above, we recognise that not every club will want or need every feature that ClubHub provides. For example, if you’re happy with the existing way you contact your members via email, you may choose not to use the integrated ClubHub emailing functionality. We’d encourage clubs to at least explore all the features that ClubHub will provide though, because we believe there will be significant time savings and efficiencies for clubs that use it to its full capabilities.


Are the details going to be used by British Rowing to contact new members, and if so what rules or limitations will apply? I’m just concerned that members should not feel bombarded with marketing.

We would like to give club members the option to sign up to communications from British Rowing as part of the club member registration/sign-up process in ClubHub. This would be a clear opt-in/opt-out option with details about what communications they’re signing up for, in line with current best practice and data protection guidelines. There would also be a clear ‘unsubscribe’ option on every email we send, as with all our current communications.

We want to make sure that everyone in the rowing community, even if they are not British Rowing members, has the opportunity to opt-in to hear from us about important rowing-related news.


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