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Competitors FAQs


Where should I park my trailer?

Trailers should be parked in the trailer park near the boating area. If approaching from the A6011, bear right where Adbolton Lane forks, then take the first left. Signs will be in place to direct you to the appropriate gate. The gate is opened at 06:30 and is closed at 22:00 each day.

Where can I store my boat?

Boats should be stored on your trailer or on the racks in the Boating Area. Please remember to tie down your boat to prevent it from being blown off the racks. Certain racks are reserved for medal winners, adaptive athletes or certain boat types. These will be clearly marked up and should only be used by those boats indicated.


Racing licences

Do I need my British Rowing racing licence?

Yes, you must bring this with you to the Regatta.

Do I need my Scottish Rowing / Welsh Rowing racing licence?

Yes, you must bring this with you to the Regatta

How do Scottish Rowing points fit in with British rowing points?

The British Rowing Championships is held under British Rowing Rules of Racing so points will be added to English, Welsh and Scottish Licences according to these rules. A winning Scottish novice competitor will lose his or her novice status and will gain a further point if he or she wins a senior event in a qualifying event in which at least 9 crews start.

What should I do with my racing licence?

Keep it with you at all times and produce it to an official if asked.

What do I do if I have lost my racing licence?

Try to get a replacement before you come to the Championships and if this is not possible, bring recognisable photo ID.


Race Timetable / Draw

When will the draw be published?

A provisional draw will be on the website in advance of racing. This will be subject to change, and if necessary an updated version will be published.  You should check the notice boards and/or website each day during the Championships for any further updates.

What should I do about clashes/doubling on the race timetable?

These should be notified to us when you make your entry. If, once the race timetable is published, you feel there is still a potential problem then please contact us via email ([email protected]) and we will try to assist.

What happens to the timetable if racing is postponed/cancelled/abandoned?

If racing is postponed we will announce the plans to recommence racing as soon as is practicably possible. In the event of abandonment or cancellation we may have to determine medal positions from either time trial or heat results, so it is key that you race every race as fast as you can.

What time does racing finish?

The race timetable will be published on this website and on the notice boards outside the Registration Office. You should check these for updates regularly as the Championships proceeds.



May I boat from the pontoon by the new boathouses next to the Centre Building?

All crews must boat from the boating pontoons at the end of the lake. Crews must not use the rafts in front of the new boat houses.

May I warm up before my race?

During side-by-side racing, crews may warm up in lane 7 as they proceed to the start but must not do racing starts or bursts at high speed when close to other crews or when a race is going past.  Crews may also warm up in lanes 4 & 5 between the 1500m and 750m markers by carefully turning into lane 4 or 5 at the 1500m marker and then warming up in the racing direction only before turning back into lane 7 at the 750m marker.  When warming up in lane 4 or 5, crews must keep well clear of any races.  During warm-up, crews must be vigilant of racing crews and must stop their boat well in advance of an approaching race so that their wash does not affect the approaching race.
Crews racing in time trials may not warm up on the water.  Instead, consider warming up on land.

May I cool down after my race?

During side-by-side racing, crews may cool down by carefully turning into lane 7 after their race, and then turning into lane 4 or 5 at the 500m marker only. Crews must travel in the racing direction only in lanes 4 & 5 and must take care not to impede any races on the course, or to cross the Finish Line alongside a race.

Crews racing in time trials may not cool down on the water.  Instead, consider cooling down on land.

How do I get told if racing is cancelled due to bad weather?

Announcements will be made during the event via the PA system and notices will be posted outside Registration, on the scoreboard and on the website. In the unlikely event that cancellation occurs prior to competition commencing then announcements will be posted on the website and every effort will be made to contact entrants via the email address submitted with the entry.

What do we do if we have equipment failure?

Competitors are responsible for their own equipment, and should check it well before they go afloat to race. We cannot guarantee to hold your race if you are not ready in time. If you discover a problem before your race then inform the nearest official as soon as possible and they will pass on the information to the race controller so that any race alterations judged to be necessary can be made. Equipment failure during a race is subject to the British Rowing Rules of Racing: crews abide by their own accidents unless caused by an outside agency.

How do I make a complaint?

Protests are covered by British Rowing Rule of Racing 2-7-2. “A competitor or crew may make an immediate protest at the end of a race against the umpire’s decision, or potential decision. Ideally … a protest should be signalled to the Race Umpire, by the raising of hands as soon as the crew has passed the Finish.” A protest may be made by an official club representative on their behalf. This should be made in writing at the Registration Office and will be dealt with by the Chairman of the Race Committee or his representative. General comments or complaints about the overall running of the Championships should be made to the Registration Office.



What should I do if I finish in one of the medal positions?

When you come off the water you will be notified that you are a medallist and given instructions on what to do with your boat and a time to attend the victory ceremony.

What should I do with my boat when I collect my medal?

A section of boat racking will be made available for medallists near the disembarkation pontoons. Once you have attended your victory ceremony, please remove your boat from this area.

What should I do if I finish in one of the medal positions and have another race soon after?

Please talk to the officials at the disembarkation pontoon. They will agree a medal presentation time with you.

Where do the medal presentations take place?

Winners’ medals and plaques are presented by dignitaries in a marked area in the retail village on the patio lawn. Official photographs are available for purchase from WEROW.


Practising / Training

When and where can I practise during the Regatta?

On the Lake: The lake will open at 07:00 and close at 20:00 on Saturday and Sunday. The lake must be clear 30 minutes before racing is due to start and will not reopen for practice until 15 minutes after the last race of the day has finished if time permits. Last boating is 15 minutes before the lake closes.  On the Friday the lake is open for training from 15 minutes after the last race until 20:00.  These times are subject to the weather conditions and the light conditions as the lake must close at dusk.

May I practise on the River?

Crews training on the River Trent do so entirely at their own risk and must make their own safety arrangements. They must ensure their boat is licensed to be on the River and they must read the circulation pattern for the River Trent.


General Information


How do I purchase branded Championships merchandise?

A range of British Rowing Championships branded clothing and other items are available from our dedicated stall in the Retail Village throughout the Championships. This includes the ever-popular annual T-shirt featuring the names of all this year’s competitors. All the items can also be purchased online via our website, subject to availability.


Directions and accommodation

How do I get to the course?

The National Water Sports Centre is located on Adbolton Lane, off Regatta Way. Access is via the A6011 (Radcliffe Road) just off the A52. Sat-Nav users are advised to use the name ‘National Water Sports Centre’ rather than the postcode as some devices will direct you to Colwick Race Course as opposed to the Centre. The address is: National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham NG12 2LU.

How can I find some local accommodation?

The Experience Nottingham website gives details of local accommodation. In addition, there is a campsite at the National Water Sports Centre.


Lost property

Lost and found property

Any found property should be handed in to the Reception in the main Centre building. Queries about lost property should be directed to Reception. No announcements will be made over the PA system.


Spectators and coaches

Admission and parking

Do I need to purchase a ticket in advance of the Regatta? If so, how much are the tickets and where are they available from?

British Rowing Junior Championships is a free, unticketed event.

Where should I park?

Carparks are available around the course for spectators and competitors – some with views. These will be signed when you arrive. British Rowing and the National Water Sports Centre will be charging the following for car parking: £15 cash per vehicle per day, £25 cash for two days and £35 cash for three days. Please ensure you use the car parking facilities and do not park on any of the roads surrounding NWSC with double yellow lines as parking wardens are often present on event days.  The National Water Sports Centre will be charging £5 cash per trailer for the weekend. All Competitors and spectators must not park in the main car park.

May I put up a gazebo or club marquee on the site and, if so, where and how much will it cost?

Please see the gazebo pitch reservation section for further details of how to book a gazebo pitch for the Junior Championships.



What catering facilities are available?

There is a café within the Centre Building which provides hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks.  On Saturday and Sunday this opens at 7.30am and closes 30 minutes after the last race.  The restaurant closes at 4pm on Friday (hot food served until 2pm).  In addition, there is a licensed bar next to the restaurant which is open from 6.30pm until 11pm (10.30pm on Sundays).In addition to the café there are catering stands outside on the Patio Lawn near the Retail Village.

May I use a barbeque?

Only gas barbeques may be used within the grounds.


Programmes and race timetable

Where may I buy a programme?

Printed programmes will not be produced.  All details are contained on this website.  The Event Information Leaflet contains a map of the site and other useful information. A Race Schedule sheet will be published each morning and will be available free of charge at the Regatta.

What time does racing finish?

The race timetable will be published on this website and on the notice boards outside the Registration Office and near the Finish Tower. You should check these for updates each day. As a guide, racing is expected to finish by 18:00 on Friday and Saturday, and by 18:00 on Sunday.


Watching the racing

Where is the best place to watch the racing?

The two best places to watch racing are: (1) the seating area by the Finish and Victory Ceremonies Area on the right hand side of the main building as you face the water; and (2) the Country Park on the opposite side to the Lakeside Building where you can walk or cycle along the course and follow a race.

May I cycle / drive along with the race?

Cycling is permitted on the country park side of the course (opposite side to the buildings). There is no public access to the road on the other (buildings) side whilst racing is in progress. You must not ride motorbikes or drive other vehicles on either side of the course. Cyclists should be aware of and must at all times give way to official Regatta service vehicles.


Safety and welfare

What do I do if I need first aid?

The first aid cabin is near the Finish Tower and is open during racing hours. If you require first aid outside these times, please speak to NWSC Reception in the Main Centre Building. All accidents and emergencies must be reported to a Regatta Official as soon as is practicable, who will summon the appropriate help if required.

What do I do if someone is acting suspiciously?

Please report anything suspicious (such as someone taking photos in the changing area, someone unknown to crews hanging around or tampering with equipment) to the Registration Office or the Event Welfare Adviser, (telephone 07847 761871) immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Who can I speak to if I am not happy with how I am being treated / looked after?

Any concerns regarding the possible well-being of a competitor should be reported to the Event Welfare Adviser who will decide on the appropriate action. She can be contacted via Registration or on telephone, 07847 761871.

Missing persons

If you think that a young person or vulnerable person has gone missing, report to the nearest Regatta Official or the Event Welfare Adviser (EWA) on telephone 07847 761871 stating the time and place where the person was last seen and giving a physical description of the individual. The EWA will decide on the appropriate course of action. If you come across a young or vulnerable person who appears to be lost, please report to the nearest Regatta Official as soon as possible.



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