Other Affiliated Associations

These are rowing organisations who support the aims and objectives of British Rowing, as the National Governing Body for rowing.

Coastal Rowing Associations

There are three umbrella associations based along the south coast and these associations are directly responsible for the competitions, governance, safety, etc. of the clubs that affiliate to them.

Those clubs that fall under any of these Associations that affiliate to both the Association and to British Rowing, fall under the governance of British Rowing. This provides those clubs with all of the benefits of being an affiliated British Rowing club.


Associations are organisations outside the governance structure of British Rowing that support the aims and objectives of British Rowing. They are approved annually by the Board and listed in the appropriate section of the British Rowing Almanack and on the British Rowing website. They do not have any voting rights nor any other rights or obligations. They are:

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Affiliation Benefits

As an affiliated British Rowing club, you are recognised as a voting member of the organisation. We will support your clubs development and help you meet national standards of governance which helps to make clubs safe and well-run.

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