We’re kicking off the year with ROW31 – 31 days packed with our favourite indoor rowing content and workouts! Whether you simply want to get a bit more active, get the most out of your rowing machine or join a supportive community of like-minded people, we’ve got you covered.

ROW31 is centred around an interactive, global community for people of all abilities, is completely free to join and takes just 30 seconds to sign up – so look no further for your January rowing motivation!

Every morning in January you’ll receive a video of the session for that day – which could be anything from an on-machine workout to one of our Workout Wednesday bodyweight sessions, or rest day inspiration like healthy recipe ideas and stretching and mobility routines.

What’s more, once you sign up you’ll be emailed a link to join our ROW31 Crew Facebook group – the perfect place to share how you’re getting on, talk through the day’s session, ask questions and get motivated by people just like you across the world.

If you needed any more reasons to get involved, halfway through the month you’ll also get an exclusive INDOOR membership offer – which comes packed full of training plans, expert insight and advice to help keep up the momentum from a healthy, active January!

If you’re wondering what each day has in store for you, you can already check out the plan for the month below.

The structure is simple to follow, designed with you in mind and completely adaptable – so if you need to take a day or two off at any point, that’s absolutely fine! If you need to scale any of the sessions we’ll also let you know some good alternative exercises in the email or the workout video itself, so you can get the most out of the month whatever your fitness level.

We all love ticking off sessions and seeing progress, so we’ve also got you covered with our two calendars below – one to print off at home and tick off as you go, and the other to download on your phone and share on your Instagram story.


No worries! Just drop us an email on [email protected]