of British Rowing Membership Cards

Our first level of Membership is Silver and at only £28.50 offers great value for the annual subscription.  Silver membership is for coaches, umpires, volunteers, club members, fans and supporters as well as rowers who do not intend to race in British Rowing affiliated events but may wish to take part in other rowing activities or just keep up with all the latest rowing news.

This category also includes insurance cover for rowing activities, an annual subscription to Rowing & Regatta magazine* and RowHow, the online learning forum, as well as our regular e-newsletter 'The Stream'. 

Gold Membership comes with a racing licence that enables you to take part in our calendar of over 300 competitons.  Gold is for rowers and coxes who wish to compete in British Rowing Regattas and Heads, or you can invest in the Platinum life membership (excellent value for money!).

As well as enjoying a number of benefits when you sign up to British Rowing you help us ensure that rowing has a voice with our funding partners and other key policy-making bodies. 


Find out more about the types of membership and the benefits.


There are three ways to join or renew:


(We are unable to accept membership applications or renewals by email)

How to pay:

  • Online - debit/credit card
  • Post - debit/credit card, cheque or direct debit
  • Fax - debit/credit card

*The printed Rowing & Regatta magazine is only available to members in the UK. Please visit if a subscription to the online R&R magazine is required.

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