Learn to Row

British Rowing’s Learn to Row has been designed to provide a ready-to-go solution for clubs/water sport centres who wish to run introductory courses for beginners.

The focus of the scheme is on developing participants’ skills rather than speed, and it is defined by the objectives of each award rather than following a set delivery programme. This provides the flexibility for instructors to tailor the courses in a number of different ways, allowing clubs of all sizes and with all different boat types to run the scheme. All award objectives are designed to be applicable to either fixed or sliding seat boats.

To run British Rowing’s Learn to Row courses you need to be accredited to our Explore Rowing Programme. Please see our Explore Rowing Accreditation page for more information.

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Increasing Participation

Clubs tend to be used the most on weekdays around 6-8pm and weekends in the mornings.

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Introducing Adaptive Rowing

There's nothing to stop clubs from offering some kind of Adaptive Rowing programme.

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Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and promotion covers such a large amount of activity that it can easily get muddled and the message lost.

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