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What boats need to be registered with the EA?

A boat is defined as:

–         Any vessel with or without a motor, eg sailing boat, river boat, canal boat or houseboat

–         Any “open boat” eg canoe, paddleboard, rowing boat or dinghy

You must register or licence your boat if you want to keep or use it on inland waterways, eg rivers and canals.

How are registered boats identified?

Through the existing British Rowing boat identity scheme all boats are required to have a unique ID code identifying it. This code is made up of three letters identifying the club (the boat code allocated by ourselves as which can be found under your Club Details in the ClubHub system) and three numbers (including zeros) as determined by the Club identifying the boat, eg ABC 123.

Lettering shall be in capitals, in a regular sans serif (Ariel ‘style’) font, with a minimum height of 6cm and clearly readable (in a contrasting colour) on both port and starboard bow, saxboard or vertical surface.

Overseas clubs can apply for a four letter boat identification code from us to enable them to race in their own boats on EA waters.

Who is responsible for enforcing the scheme?

The EA, with the co-operation of British Rowing. The list of registered boats, identified by their unique codes, is made available to the EA so that boats on the water can be checked to ensure they are properly registered. Random checks by the EA will be made at clubs and at regattas. Any boat that is not registered will be liable for the normal penalties applied by EA for unregistered boats.

What is the annual registration period?

The scheme runs from 1 April to 31 March annually.

How much do registrations cost?

British Rowing has negotiated a reduced price for its members. The current prices for this year can be found here.

Who is eligible to buy registrations from British Rowing?

Clubs who boat on EA waters and clubs who row on EA waters for competition or training. A map of EA waters and competitions taking place on these waters can be accessed here.

Can individuals purchase registrations from British Rowing?

Individual members who have their own boat are able to register this boat as part of their club’s application. The boat will need a unique ID code made up of the boat code (3 letters denoting the club) and the boat number (3 numbers not already allocated to another club boat) eg ABC 124

How do clubs apply for or renew registrations?

Clubs can apply for EA boat registrations through the ClubHub System.

The individual who does this will need an online account with a username and password to be able to access this system. They must log in through the website – britishrowing.justgo.com – scroll to ‘My Club’ and click on the Boat Register tile. New boats can be added and previous registrations can be renewed before payment is made, either online via GoCardless, Stripe or by invoice. The steps to add or renew registrations can be found here.

The ClubHub admin, Secretary, Membership Secretary or Treasurer all have access to Boat Registration & Management and can also grant permission to others (eg Boatman, Captain) if needed to allow other club members to register the boats.

To find out who your Club administrators are, please email [email protected].

How do I pay for my Environment Agency (EA) boat registrations?

Once you have selected the boats you wish to add/renew on the ClubHub system you have the choice of payment methods.

“Pay via Bank” – this is a one-off payment through GoCardless.

“Pay with Card” – where payment can be made instantly by debit or credit card through stripe.


“Request Invoice” – these are created directly in ClubHub and will be sent to the email address provided, please be aware that the submitting admins details will appear on your invoice unless changed. Invoice details cannot be amended once raised.

Can clubs register boats at any time throughout the year?

Yes, boats can be registered at any point within the registration period but clubs will be required to pay the full registration fee for the year regardless of when they do this.

As an overseas crew do we need a registration if our crew is competing in, or training for, a competition on EA waters in England?

If you are competing/training in a boat on loan from a UK club you will need to confirm with the club that the relevant boat is registered.

If you are planning to bring your own boat over then you will need to purchase a licence for that boat. If you don’t already have your boat identification code (related to your club) you can apply for one from British Rowing by emailing [email protected].

Then you can either organise an annual registration for your boat through British Rowing as a non-EA based club or you can apply for a temporary registration from the EA itself.

Why would a club need a temporary registration?

Temporary registrations are for non-EA based clubs who may only compete on EA waters as a one-off. If you compete more often it is better to register your boats through British Rowing as a non-EA based club.

Temporary registrations are available for 7 consecutive days or 31 consecutive days and can only be purchased directly from the EA.

The EA can be contacted on 03708 506 506 or via [email protected].

What registration do I buy if a boat is to be used by juniors and seniors?

You will need to buy a standard registration. The junior registration is only available for boats used exclusively by juniors (with the exception of coxswains).

When I sell a registered boat do I retain the registration?

Yes, when a boat is sold you must remove the boat identification label and the purchaser will need to obtain a new registration for that boat using their club’s boat code. You are able to use the identification code of the sold boat on a replacement boat within your club.

Where can I get Boat Identification Stickers made?

There are two websites that offer this service: www.randracing.com and www.nickosticko.me.

What are the insurance and boat safety requirements for powered safety or coaching launches?

Full details of all insurance and boat safety requirements are available at https://www.gov.uk/register-a-boat.

If you have any further questions please contact the Membership team: clubs@britishrowing.org.

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