Club Safety Audit

The Club Safety Audit is a recognised part of each club’s affiliation and is annually launched in October for online submission. The Club Safety Audit went live on Monday, 2 October 2023

The Club Safety Audit is based on RowSafe and covers all they key aspects within it.

All Club Rowing Safety Advisors (CRSAs) will have now received an email detailing the process. If your CRSA has not received an email, please contact [email protected] and ensure that your club profile is up to date on ClubHub.

The audit must be completed, submitted online and approved by your Regional Rowing Safety Adviser (RRSA) before 15 November 2023. Your RRSA will then contact you directly to confirm that your safety audit has been accepted.

Any clubs which do not submit their audit and have it approved by the deadline, will be suspended from racing from 5 December 2023. If there are legitimate reasons why your club will be unable to meet this deadline, it is essential that your RRSA is informed as early in the process as possible.

A full list of the questions that are included within the Safety Audit can be found here.

This year we have significantly reduced the number of questions within the Safety Audit process, with an emphasis now switching on a reliance of clubs utilising their club Google Drive as a space to upload relevant safety documentation and any other documentation the club sees fit.

This year individual clubs, host clubs and hosted clubs will all complete the same questions within the Safety Audit. If you are a hosted club, it is important to understand if the Host covers all Policies and the Safety Adviser or if the Host provides the facility, but the Policies and Safety Adviser are members of the Hosted Club. If you are a hosted club, you will need to liaise with your host to ensure you can answer the questions accordingly and provide relevant documentation.

Non rowing clubs will answer a shorter list of relevant questions when they confirm their non rowing status within the Safety Audit.

To complete your Safety Audit, you will need to have the following relevant documents ready to upload into your Google Drive:

  • Club Safety Plan
  • Emergency Action Plan (if not covered by your Safety Plan)
  • Risk Assessments for training camps (if applicable)
  • Risk Assessments for competitions (if applicable)
  • Competition Safety Plan (if applicable)

Information about the documents you need to have can be found here, in RowSafe. As mentioned, please utilise the Google Drive as space to upload any other safety documents and documentation that the club deems fit.

A guide to using Google Drive can be found here.

This year’s audit has been divided by region, a link to each can be found below:

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the Safety Audit then please direct your questions to your Regional Rowing Safety advisor here or email [email protected].

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