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Most British Rowing affiliated competitions will have their own dedicated website and they should publicise the competition letting clubs and competitors know that all entries must be made using the British Rowing Online Entry (BROE2) System. Overseas crews must also use BROE2 to make their entries and are advised to allow plenty of time to do so.

You can view our Calendar for competition listings.

All affiliated competitions share a common goal – to provide safe and fair racing, focusing on the competitors racing experience – and to do this they need to receive accurate entry information about the competitors.  When competitions use the online entry system the clubs’ information about rowers’ ranking points is drawn directly from the British Rowing membership database. The online system has:

  • an inbuilt calculator to assess the Ranking Points issued to all competing members of British Rowing (including coxes)
  • an automatic check on dates of birth for age status events

Only those competitors who are LIFE and RACE members of British Rowing and whose membership will be valid on race day appear as eligible for selection so that competitions and clubs alike can be assured of valid British Rowing numbers. ROW registered members, including coxes, may also compete in Primary Events and Stable (Recreational) Boat Competition.

Using ‘ClubHub Portal,’ the online resource introduced by British Rowing in 2018, all affiliated British Rowing clubs can appoint an online entry administrator to make the online entries for their club.  All administrators must have an active online account linked to your club and all competitors must have a current British Rowing membership and an active online account. Your club’s designated ClubHub Administrator is able to do this, or contact [email protected].

The ClubHub Administrator is able to set up a deputy or deputies, as long as they have an active online account linked to your club in the ClubHub Portal.

Accessing Online Services

Once you have been setup as an online entry administrator or deputy you can click on SIGN IN on the British Rowing homepage.  You should then see ‘online entries (BROE2)’ in the drop down list. Just click on the link and you will be redirected in the entry system.



If you are entering competitions on the British Rowing Online Entry System, BROE 2, head to our YouTube channel for a step-by-step guide on how to use BROE2.


Overseas (including Scottish) Clubs

Overseas clubs who would like to use the online entry system to enter competitions should click here for further details and guidance.


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