British Rowing Safety Audit 2019 Reminder

Thank you to all of the affiliated clubs that have already submitted their British Rowing Safety Audit, before the deadline on Friday, 29 November 2019.


The British Rowing Club Safety Audit is an annual process that helps clubs identify opportunities for safety improvements within their operations. It is also a requirement for all British Rowing clubs to complete the audit as part of their affiliation to British Rowing.

This year, audits must be submitted and accepted by Friday, 29 November 2019. Clubs who do not meet the deadline will be suspended from entering competitions on Monday, 2 December 2019.


Thank you to all clubs who have submitted their audits and to those who have had them accepted so far. Out of 546 clubs, we still have 51 clubs who are yet to complete and submit their audits.

Below is a list of clubs we believe haven’t completed their safety audit. We have produced this list to make sure clubs are aware of the upcoming deadline, in case they haven’t received any previous notification about the audit (the fourth reminder was sent today to your listed Club Rowing Safety Adviser). If you are on this list incorrectly, or haven’t received your audit confirmation email, please get in touch with Arrun Johal at [email protected].

If you still need to submit your audit, please go to the Club Safety Audit page which outlines all the information you need to complete the audit. This includes the Guide to Google Drive for Club Rowing Safety Advisers.

The below list is correct as of 09:50 on December 09, 2019:

East Midlands

  • STBC Club
  • Gainsborough Rowing Club


  • Brightlingsea Coastal Rowing Club
  • Earith Sculling Centre
  • Essex, University of, Rowing Club
  • Fairlop Rowing Club
  • Hereward Rowing Club
  • Old Norvicensians Boat Club
  • Peterhouse Boat Club
  • St Radegund Boat Club
  • St Johns College School Boat Club

Thames Upriver

  • Aldworthian Boat Club
  • Gordon’s Boat Club
  • Sub Rosa Boat Club

Thames London

  • The 1829 Boat Club
  • The 1884 Boat Club

Thames South East

  • Eastbourne College Boat Club
  • Kent College Boat Club


  • West of England, University of, Boat Club

West Midlands

  • Aston University Rowing Club
  • Birmingham City University Rowing Club
  • King Edward VI School Boat Club


  • Paignton Amateur Rowing Club

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