Water Safety

Water Safety Audits

The Club Water Safety Audit is a recognised part of each club’s affiliation and as such it must be completed and submitted no later than Wednesday 31st December 2008.

Although the audit is intended to help clubs develop their safety systems, it is important that it is submitted on time as undue delay can result in suspension from racing.


If there are legitimate reasons for not being able to achieve this, then it is essential your Regional Water Safety Adviser be informed as soon as possible before the deadline. Outstanding clubs will be listed on the ARA website in the new year.  

Online Incident Reporting

A further reminder that the ARA’s online incident reporting system is now up and running for all our clubs and members to use. From 1st January 2009 all incidents must be recorded using this system. Posting paper records to your Regional Water Safety Adviser will not be accepted.

The online system allows anyone to report an incident, even anonymously, and is designed to make reporting easier. The Club Water Safety Adviser, or other appointed person, will be informed automatically by email when an incident involving their club is reported and be able to access the log and information on all their club’s incidents at any time. Likewise, their Regional Water Safety Adviser will be informed and where needed will be able to offer advice or request further information.

Please contact your Regional Water Safety Adviser if you have any queries about your audits or water safety guidance.

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