Online Entry

Entry into British Rowing competitions is made using the online entry process or through entry forms. Most competitions will have their own website and will let you know which system they are using. Or you can check out our calendar.

All events share a common goal - to provide safe and fair racing - and to do this they need to receive accurate entry information about the competitors. When competitions use the online entry process, the clubs' information about rowers' racing status is drawn directly from the British Rowing membership database. The online system has

  • an inbuilt calculator that prevents over-pointed crews being entered
  • an automatic check on dates of birth for age status events

Only competitors whose membership will be valid on race day appear as eligible for selection so that competitions and clubs alike can be assured of valid British Rowing numbers.

Using 'Club Management' the online resource introduced by British Rowing in 2011, all affiliated British Rowing clubs  can appoint an online entry administrator to make the online entries for their club.  All administrators must have current British Rowing membership and an active online account.  Your club's designated Club Management Administrator is able to do this or contact 

The Club Management Administrator is able to set up a deputy or deputies, as long as they are members of British Rowing with an online account.

Accessing Online Services

Once you have been setup as an online entry administrator or deputy you can click on online services dropdown menu on the top bar.  You should then see the online entry system icon. Just click on this icon and you will be redirected in the entry system.

Overseas Clubs(including Scottish Clubs)
Overseas clubs who would like to use the online entry system to enter regattas should contact Sally Hickey for further details and guidance.
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