Training for Club Administrators and Committee Members

Training for Volunteers is really important, but even more so for Club Administrators and Committee Members who are involved with running and managing clubs.

If you feel that you or your club committee need more expertise in areas like finance, governance or club administration, have a look at the Club Leaders website. It’s a free Sport England resource that has modules on various aspects of running a club.

If you have a specific query about a club matter, please do get in touch. Relevant contact details are on this page.


British Rowing Regional Rowing Safety Advisers organise seminars to discuss safety at a regional level. If you are interested in this please contact the Adviser directly. Contact details are on the Rowing Safety Contacts page.

‘RowSafe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing’ is the first place to go for the British Rowing guidance on anything related to safety.

Basic rowing safety is really important for all your club members. Please encourage them to access the British Rowing website for the basic online module.

Club coxes have an important role in most clubs. Do ensure that they know about the tools available on RowHow. There is also a Coxing workshop that can be run at club level. For more information please contact our Education and Training Team.

If you have specific questions on any safety matters, you can contact one of our Rowing Safety Advisers or email


If any club members are interested in umpire training they should contact the Chairman of the local Umpiring Committee to find out when the next available training will take place, through their region.


British Rowing runs the Time to Listen workshop, designed by the NSPCC for Club Welfare Officers where they can learn about how the role should work as well as familiarising themselves with the correct procedures and necessary legislation. There is also a Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop that gives an introduction to British Rowing’s safeguarding policies and procedures.


RowHow is the education and training portal for British Rowing members. It includes modules on safety, trailer towing, to name a few.

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