Retaining Volunteers

Anyone who helps out needs to have something that keeps them involved, motivated and enjoying it.

Find out what it is that people want from their role and try and make sure that they get it. Sometimes it’s the chance to work on a task or project with other people, sometimes it might be the opportunity to learn something new, or maybe the satisfaction of fixing problems. In the same way that if you don’t know what your rowers want you will have problems sustaining your membership; if you don’t know what attracts people to volunteer you will probably struggle to fill positions for any long period of time.

Reward your Club Volunteers

Develop their skills and create opportunities for them. Just as in your job you would expect training and the opportunity to move into different areas, so you should in your role at the club. Many rowers get coaching to allow them to improve and so should volunteers. Rowers also get rewards for the time they spend training when they win races so why not reward coaches and non-rowing volunteers for their time as well?

See the Courses & Qualifications section of our website for details of training available from British Rowing, or sign up for a free account on the Sport England Club Leaders website where practical modules are available on topics such as Governance, Marketing and Finance.

If you can think of any training that would be useful for your club, or if you have any comments on training your volunteers have received please do let us know.

Case Study

You could also think about starting a scheme like Hexham Rowing Club‘s where coaching volunteers are rewarded with club kit when they have put in a certain number of hours.

Volunteer of the Year

British Rowing has a Volunteer of the Year award that recognises the hard work of club volunteers. See our website for information on how to nominate someone for an award.

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