Quintin Head

Type: Head Race

Date: Saturday, 29 January 2022

Notes: Senior open and senior women’s crews will be banded according to their Crew Ranking Index, but: – A crew may opt to be banded as Championship (the top band) by ticking the box provided in BROE. – We may put a crew in a higher band than is implied by its CRI if we consider such a move would make the band allocation fairer. The dividing lines between the bands will depend on how all the CRIs are distributed and will not be decided until entries have closed. There will not be equal numbers of crews in each band. We expect to put fewer crews in the higher bands than in the lower ones. We will accept the first 250 completed entries. An entry is complete only when a full crew has been input, when boating permission has been obtained from the host club and when the entry fee has been paid. BROE has a ‘main list’ and a ‘waiting list’. Initially all entries should be made on the main list. Once 250 entries have been accepted we will suspend the main list and open the waiting list. Accepted crews that withdraw before the close of entries will be replaced by completed entries from the waiting list in the order that they paid. All coxes must be aged at least J15. No crew that includes any juniors will be accepted without a mobile phone number for a responsible person who can be contacted in an emergency on the day of the race.

Website: http://www.quintinboatclub.org/quintinhead/index.php

Email: head@quintinboatclub.org

Allows Non British Rowing Crews: Yes

Allows Composite Crews: Yes

Accepts Online Payments: Yes

Terms and Conditions: http://quintinboatclub.org/quintinhead

Status: Closed for Payment, but substitutions allowed

Competition Location