Eton College, Summer Term Rowing Coaches

In the Summer Term, Eton College put circa 120 13-14 year-old boys through their version of a wet-start scheme. In the first two and a half weeks, they are based solely at the Eton College Rowing Centre (ECRC) at Eton Dorney Lake and each have four one-hour sessions per week, on a rotational basis. They come down in groups of 30. Then, after this initial period, they are introduced to the river at Andrews’ Boathouse next to the ECRC, and later on the Brocas net to Windsor Bridge. Here they learn watermanship on the river, prepare for House races and scull up to Queen’s Eyot, an island owned by the College.

This is a part-time casual position reporting to the Master-in-charge of Rowing.

In return, Eton College offers a wide range of benefits, including a cycle to work scheme and free access to the College’s sport and leisure facilities.

Salary: £17.25 per hour comprising £15.39 basic pay + £1.86 holiday pay. Your salary is paid monthly by BACS.

Hours: The position is for 17 hours per week during the summer term. Typical hours are Monday 5.15-7.15, Tuesday 2.15-7.15, Wednesday 5.15-7.15, Thursday 2.15-7.15, Friday off, Saturday 2.15-7.15. There is no requirement to sign up for all the hours.

Full details and an application form are available here.

Application Dates: From Friday 13th December 2019 to Monday 6th January 2020

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