Become a Go Row Indoor Operator

Go Row Indoor is British Rowing’s health and fitness focused indoor rowing programme and your gym can now get in on the action.


What is the aim of Go Row Indoor?

Go Row Indoor aims to get everyone rowing whether it be for fun, fitness or competition. It can help you deliver a world class indoor rowing offer simply and effectively.

What is the Go Row Indoor operator package?

·       Fitness instructor workshops

·       Go Row Indoor class models

·       Indoor rowing challenge and tracker apps

·       Video content to support virtual class delivery

·       Marketing materials, brand assets and content to support roll-out

·       Ongoing content updates

·       Go Row Indoor Club/Provider status

How can it help you?

As your instructors become experts on indoor rowing technique and training programmes, they can take the indoor rowing experience of clients and customers to the next level, supporting member acquisition, engagement and retention.

This is your chance to be part of a unique and fast-growing fitness programme utilising existing equipment.

How does my gym become a Go Row Indoor operator?

Contact us to get a bespoke Go Row Indoor programme for you – [email protected]

Why Go Row Indoor?

There are many great reasons to Go Row Indoor

Anyone can do it, it is great for core strength, efficient for fat burning and easy to learn and access.

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From app challenges, to our annual British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC) and much more.

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