Key Terms and Definitions

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A group of one or more events managed by one Organising Committee. This includes, but is not limited to, regattas, head races, bumping races, etc.


Competition Framework

The national structure that supports the way competitions operate and are run. The current Competition Framework uses a Personal Ranking Index to better measure and match rowers and crews of similar ability, therefore creating closer, fairer, more exciting races.



A race or series of races, including all heats, repêchages, finals etc., that together determine the winner and, if appropriate, the order of placement in a particular class of competition.


Event Band

A term used to define categories at competitions which rowers compete in. These replace the old categories, eg. IM3, IM2 etc. It’s up to competition organisers to decide what they want to call their categories, but you might expect to see them called Championship, Intermediate, Beginner etc. The Event Bands will be set by each competition at the close of entries to reflect the standard of crew entries, and therefore will vary from event to event.



A race is when crews compete against each other and the results are determined either by the order the crews cross the finish line, or on the basis of the time it takes to complete a course.


Ranking Points (RPs)

Ranking Points are awarded when a competitor beats a crew in a race – either a head or regatta. The higher up you finish in an event, and the more crews you beat, the more Ranking Points you get. The maximum number of Ranking Points you can get in an event is 145. Ranking points are awarded for sweep, sculling and coxing.


Personal Ranking Index (PRI)

The Personal Ranking Index (PRI) is the number of Ranking Points a competitor currently has. It is made up of the eight highest Ranking Point allocations gained in competition over the past five years. Your PRI reflects your ability and expertise as a rower, and allows competitions to better match competitors and crews of similar ability. Everyone has a separate PRI for sweep, sculling and coxing.



If a competitor has raced fewer than eight events, their PRI Max is calculated. This is based on the Ranking Points for the events that you have entered, with the average multiplied up to the equivalent of eight events.



An entity comprising one or more competitors who, with or without a cox, group together for the purpose of competing in an event.


Crew Ranking Index (CRI)

The sum of the Personal Ranking Index (PRI) of the individual rowers within the crew, excluding the cox. The CRI reflects the ability and expertise of a crew as a whole.


BROE2 (British Rowing Online Entry)

The online system for making entries to British Rowing affiliated competitions, recently redesigned and significantly improved (hence the ‘2’ suffix). Only clubs that are affiliated to British Rowing have access to BROE2. Check out our online tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter a crew using BROE2.


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