Classification Opportunity – London

Date: 29th November

Time: A 45minute slot will be allocated to you on a first come first serve basis

Location: London

Not all rowers want to race but for those who do British Rowing has implemented a classification system.  This means that people with a disability can be classified to race within one of three categories for British Rowing competitions: LTA (legs, trunk and arms), TA (trunk and arms) and AS (arms and shoulders).

Rowers may compete in a more functional classification category than their assigned one, but not a less functional one. For example, a rower classified as TA may compete in LTA events, but may not compete in AS events.

British Rowing will not limit participants to the FISA boat types, however rowers must compete in a boat which is appropriate for their needs and complies with British Rowing's Rowability Boats Regulations

To be classified as an Adaptive Rower so that you can race competitively you need to be assessed by two members of the National Classifier Team. 

  • The classification process will be performed by two classifiers, one medical and one technical. You will be required to complete a British Rowing Adaptive Rower Consent Form together with a Declaration of Medical Conditions that may require Emergency Procedures Form. A signed letter or documentation from a medical doctor is required providing a clear medical diagnosis  The classifiers will assess your functional ability through a medical evaluation and a technical evaluation on a rowing machine and/or water. If you wear a prosthesis or orthotic device including walking aids (crutches) you should bring these with you, along with any other information you feel will be necessary.
  • You will be given a classification status of LTA, TA or AS with a 'New', 'Review', 'Confirmed' or 'Not Eligible' status when you have been classified.  Those given a 'Review' status will need to be re-tested annually.
  • Once you have received your classification status you are eligible to race at British Rowing events as long as you hold a British Rowing racing licence.
  • Your classification status will be logged at British Rowing and if you are a British Rowing member a new racing licence will be sent out with your classification status on it.


This course has been closed for applicants.

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29th Nov 2015

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31st Oct 2015


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This course has been closed for applicants.