Adam Neill

Rower // Men's Squad
Date of Birth: 29th May 1990 (27 years old)
Hometown: Peterborough

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Lottery Funded - UK Sport

Adam Neill is part of a large cohort of Leander Club rowers joining the GB Rowing Team senior squad this year. Following several years out with a back injury, Adam returned strongly in 2016, winning the Ladies Plate at the Henley Royal Regatta and taking the openweight men’s title at the British Rowing Indoor Championships.

He made his Great Britain debut in 2008, winning silver in the men’s single at the Coupe de la Jeunesse. The same year he took the Fawley Cup title at Henley.

On The Water

GB Competitive Record

World Rowing Championships
2017 7th M8+
World Rowing Championships:
European Rowing Championships
2017 5th M8+
European Rowing Championships:
World Rowing Cup Regattas
2017 Poznan M8+
2017 Belgrade M8+
World Rowing Cup Regattas:
2017 Poznan
World Rowing Cup Regattas:
2017 Belgrade

Beyond the Boat

After training has finished for the day Adam likes to watch Gossip Girl and play Risk. His go-to post competition food is steak and chips, and he is a big fan of country music, both for training and relaxing.

Chris Hadfield, Richie McCaw and Usain Bolt would be on the guest list at Adam’s dream dinner party. He loves holidaying in the Alps at any time of year, and is well suited to active mountain life.

In another life Adam would love to have been a Formula One driver: ‘not that it was ever a possibility at 6ft 8′ tall’.

Adam is Lottery funded through UK Sport.