Welfare Guidance Documents

The following guidance documents and procedures are referred to in British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Adults at Risk Policies and provide more detailed information.


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The Governance and Welfare team is committed to ensuring that the guidance documents and procedures are as relevant as can be.  Guidance documents revised in 2020 and approved by our stakeholders and partners should be read alongside the Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Adults at Risk Policies.

If you are unable to find a policy or guidance that you are looking for please check the Policies and Guidance webpage.

Welfare Guidance Documents updated between June and August 2020 include:

2.10 DBS Certificates – Identification checking guidance for CWOs
3.11 Safeguarding Training Interim Guidance
3.14 Junior Athlete Recruitment Guidance

Section 1 – Codes of Conduct, disciplinary procedures and raising concerns
Section 2 – CRB Disclosure and ISA guidance
Section 3 – Club, training and competition guidance
Section 4 – Training camps and residential visits
Section 5 – Use of social media and information sharing

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Safeguarding FAQs

If you have any safeguarding questions, please refer to our FAQs.

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