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We very much welcome the new mini website developed and operated by our insurance brokers, Perkins Slade, to answer our members’ queries about insurance.

Whether you are an individual rower, a coach, a club committee, or an event organiser, insurance is explained in simple terms.  You will find out exactly who is covered, what is and what is not covered, and where to go for additional insurance.


Perkins Slade provide our Civil Liability insurance, and they have linked up with Lovat Insurance, who currently provide insurance for around 100 British Rowing clubs to provide a bespoke package for clubs, including their buildings and boats.  The partnership will ensure that there is no ‘doubling up’ in terms of civil liability cover, thus keeping down costs, and clarity in the event of a claim. Clubs who are ‘Clubmark’ or ‘Explore Rowing’ accredited, and clubs with over 75% of their members registered as individual British Rowing members will receive a reduction in their civil liability costs.

Added to this, there are enhanced benefits for coaches and for training.   We are confident  that our members will find the new website and services meet their needs and streamline their administration.


Without our members, we wouldn't be able to provide the guidance, support and emergency funding that we have been able to during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider continuing to support our sport by renewing or purchasing your British Rowing membership today.

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