How much and how often?

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The British Rowing guidance document on ‘How much and how often‘ was updated last autumn following consultation with club junior coaches and a review by the Chief Coach of juniors and the Child Protection Group. The document provides guidance on the types and durations of sessions suitable for junior programmes at the different ages and stages of development, taking into account other activities that will be part of their daily routine.

It provides details for the young junior where skill development are key, the ‘late starter’ to the sport who may be physically mature but lacking in skill acquisition through to those that may compete for GB as a junior.

One key message of this document is to ensure the junior does not do too much too young, allowing for long term development and participation in the sport.  Ensuring sessions provide lots of opportunities for fun and progressive athletic skill development and taking into account the demands placed upon them outside of the sport is vital.

When asked about the importance of the document, Annamarie Phelps British Rowing Child Protection Officer and Peter Sheppard, GB Rowing Team Chief Coach (Juniors and U23’s) stated,

“We want to see our junior rowers staying in the sport for the long run and having a structure to their individual long term development as all round athletes. For any club with a junior competition programme ‘How much and how often’ is an essential guide for planning training programmes. It will help ensure our juniors are able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle and achieve their full sporting potential in a fun and safe environment.”

Follow the below link to download the PDF guide:

‘How much and how often’ (PDF)

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