EA Boat Registrations

Affiliated clubs are able to purchase reduced price Environment Agency (EA) Boat Registrations through British Rowing. Anyone planning to keep or use a boat on EA waterways is required to understand the registration requirements and act on them. 

British Rowing has produced a map of the Environment Agency navigations which lists the clubs and events on those waters, available to download here (pdf). Further information is available from the EA website

How do clubs apply for or renew registrations?

Clubs can apply for EA boat registrations through the Club Management System, your Club Management Administrator (or a deputy appointed by your administrator) will have to access this.

To register new boats:
  • Log in to the Club Management System & click on the Boat Registration tab.
  • Click on Register more boats.
  • Select the relevant registration period and click 'check prices'.
  • Enter in the numbers (JUST the 3 digit number after your club code) of the boats you want to register separated with spaces. 
  • Click check to see a page confirming the details. 
  • Confirm and select whether you wish to pay online or by invoice through the post.
  • Once payment is received we will mark the registrations as valid with the EA.
To renew existing boat registrations (this can be done 3 months before expiry):
  • Log in to the Club Management System & click on  the Boat Registration tab.
  • Select the tick box beside the relevant boat(s). 
  • Click on Renew Selected. 
  • Confirm and select whether you wish to pay online or by invoice through the post.
  • Once payment is received we will mark the registrations as valid with the EA.
How much do registrations cost?

The standard fee for EA registrations is £35.50 pa. Reduced price registrations can be obtained from British Rowing.

The fees for annual registrations purchased from British Rowing are:

1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016

EA based Clubs:

  • Standard Registration £22.80
  • Junior Registration £7.10
  • Coaching or/and safety launches:  £39.60

Non EA based Clubs:

  • Standard Registration £13.70
  • Junior Registration £6.10
  • Coaching or/and safety launches £39.60
Who is eligible to buy registrations from British Rowing?
  • Clubs who boat on EA waters
  • Clubs who boat from other waters, but row on EA waters for competition or training
Can individuals purchase registrations from British Rowing?

No, but individual members of British Rowing affiliated clubs who display a relevant boat ID number can obtain a registration as part of their club’s application.

What is the annual registration period?

The scheme runs from 1st April to 31st March annually.

Can clubs register boats at any time throughout the year?

Yes, however you will be required to pay the full annual registration fee.

How are registered boats indentified?

Through the existing British Rowing boat identity scheme, which requires all boats to carry a label identifying the boat, i.e. three letters identifying the club, and three numbers identifying the boat (as specified in Rules of British Rowing Section R). 

Who is responsible for enforcing the scheme?

The EA, with the co-operation of British Rowing. The list of registered boats, identified by their unique numbers, is made available to the EA so that boats on the water can be checked to ensure they are properly registered. Random checks by the EA will be made at clubs and at regattas. Any boat that is not registered will be liable for the normal penalties applied by EA for unregistered boats.

What are the insurance and boat safety requirements for powered safety or coaching launches?

You are required to conform to the registration, insurance and boat safety requirements for powered craft as required by the EA. For full details visit: https://www.gov.uk/register-a-boat


You must have in force an insurance policy for all powered boats which covers third-party liabilities of at least one million pounds, issued by an insurer authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The insurance must be valid for the full duration of the registration. The EA do not need a copy of the insurance certificate, but they may carry out sample checks on declarations.

Boat Safety

You must ensure that all powered boats comply with the EAs construction and equipment standards. These standards are set out in the Boat Safety Scheme Essential Guide (2005 edition): see: Boat Safety Scheme - 2nd ed. BSS Essential Guide or the Recreational Craft Directive (for launches first placed on the market since 16 June 1996). Further details can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/register-a-boat

Are temporary registrations available?

Temporary registrations are available from the EA. A one to six day continuous registration is priced at £8.50 and can be purchased by phone, by post or from a local lock keeper. For more information please see the EA website. You will not be able to purchase a temporary registration from British Rowing. Where preferred by the event organisers, some events may purchase visitor registrations en bloc from the EA. If in doubt please check with the event you intend to enter.

As an overseas crew do we need a registration if our crew is competing in, or training for, an event on EA waters in England?

Overseas crews wishing to train or compete in events on Environment Agency waters in the United Kingdom need to ensure that the boat they intend to use has a valid navigation registration. Events using Environment Agency water are listed on our website at: http://www.britishrowing.org/upload/files/Clubs/EnvironmentAgencyMap-Divisions.pdf

Overseas crews using a boat on loan from a UK club need to confirm with the club that the relevant boat is registered.

Overseas crews planning to use their own boats are able to purchase a temporary registration from the EA. Alternatively, annual boat registrations can be purchased through British Rowing at a cost of £13.50 per boat. To purchase EA boat registrations through British Rowing please email Jenny Spencer: jenny.spencer@britishrowing.org. Each boat will be issued with a Boat Identification code which must be printed and displayed clearly on the boat.

What registration do I buy if a boat is to be used by juniors and seniors?

You will need to buy a standard registration. The junior registration is only available for boats used exclusively by juniors, (with the exception of coxswains).

What is the qualification for ‘junior’?

Junior is as defined in the British Rowing Rules of Racing 3.3.2.

When I sell a registered boat do I retain the registration?

Yes, when a boat is sold you must remove the boat identification label and the purchaser will need to obtain a new registration. You are able to use the identification code of the sold boat on a replacement boat within the club.

If you have any further questions please contact Jenny Spencer: jenny.spencer@britishrowing.org

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