Providing support to schools and youth groups

Welcome to British Rowing's section for indoor and water-based rowing for young people.

This section of the website aims to provide relevant information for teaching and support staff, adult helpers and junior leaders.

Before undertaking any on-the-water or indoor rowing activity involving school children, please read British Rowing's Primary Children Policy.

Every child matters - making rowing a high quality experience for all

British Rowing has been promoting and supporting youth activity for over 50 years. We strive to ensure that young rowers have a high quality experience so that they:

  • stay healthy - through regular and appropriate physical activity and healthy eating for life
  • learn to be safe rowers - good technique on an indoor rower or competent and confident around water
  • enjoy their rowing activity - achieving measurable skills and if they want competing at their desired level
  • make a positive contribution to society - getting involved in a community club either as a participant or volunteer
  • learn the skills of work - taking leadership roles and getting involved in team activity
Working in partnership

Our programs aimed at juniors have been developed through our work with young people, schools and clubs.

British Rowing operates at a national, regional and local level. It has around 1000 qualified coaches working to deliver school-based activity. They are supported by 12 regional development officers and paid coaches working in partnership with schools and youth groups.  

Case Study

Gemma Lovatt
Gemma Lovatt
"If you want to feel better, try a sport.  The sport for me is rowing and whilst it may sound melodramatic, it's changed my life."

Case Study

Gemma Lovatt
Alex Cheyne
"Before I go involved in rowing there wasn't a great deal for me to do.  I was really overweight, rarely exercised and never expected to represent my country in sport"
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