Rules of Racing

Rules of Racing The purposes of the Rules of Racing are to:

  • provide a basis for safe, fair and equal racing
  • ensure that due notice is taken of the Row Safe Guidance, the provisions of which shall take precedence at all times
  • provide a consistent framework for the regulation and organisation of Regattas and other rowing events

The Rules of Racing apply to all rowing and sculling races, events and regattas that are registered by British Rowing.

The rules specifically cover:

  • conduct of the race
  • safety
  • competitors
  • classification of events
  • Regatta organisation
  • Head and processional races
  • sponsorship
Rules of Racing 2014

(These come into effect on 1st April 2014)

Very few changes have been made to the Rules of Racing for 2014. Once again however, all changes have come from queries raised by the membership seeking clarification of the existing wording. Following a request from the Masters’ Committee, the rule relating to substitution in Masters crews (2-3-4b) has been amended to allow substitution from another club, though where such substitution is made the age category must be maintained.

Competitors may have noticed a trend to reducing the amount of certification that has to be carried when competing and the Rules now require each event to confirm the arrangements for Lightweights (2-3-6) and Coxswains (2-3-7) weight certificates and how these will be checked.  It could be for example that no lightweight certificates are issued and once each competitor meets weight at weigh-in before the event, this information is circulated to all officials.

As a result of instances of coaching at regattas from following launches, the ‘Steering’ section (2-5-3) has been amended to include launches. There has also been a reordering of the clauses relating to Senior Classification (3-2-1) with the clause relating to regression of points being moved to the end of the section to indicate that this is relevant to all competitors including those who may have competed at international level.

The remaining amendments represent a tidying of the logic  - the addition of ‘official’ to ‘Public Warning’ in the definitions section to indicate that such a warning comes from the Race Committee or its Chairman, the addition of the 2 minute clarification in the Start Procedure (2-4-4)  and the minor changes in the Disciplinary section (2-7-5) reflect this.

Tim Walton, Chairman, Rules of Racing Panel

Download the 2014 Rules of Racing

Rules of Racing 2013

The Rules of Racing for 2013 show some minor but important changes in relation to the administration of events and competitors participating. The Panel has looked at ‘local rules’ and changed wording has resulted, requiring events to obtain approval from the local Regional Umpiring Committee for the local rules that they wish to implement. This change has arisen because some local rules have, in the past, effectively over-ruled the provisions of the Rules of Racing and this is not what they are intended for. The Rules hitherto also enabled the Chairman of a Head Race Committee in conjunction with the Safety Adviser, Chief Marshall and Chief Umpire to over-ride the Rules, though the rules change will also prevent this from happening. The Rules are there to ensure safe and fair racing for all and if one event can change them to suit its circumstances, this is not considered to be fair. Competition rule changes have also been addressed. From the beginning of April, an Umpire will now be able to instruct crews to ‘move apart’ officially, this instruction not having previously been within an umpire’s remit. Of more interest to competitors, particularly Lightweights however is the introduction of different minimum weights for summer competition and winter training periods. It is hoped that this will be of assistance to Lightweights when scheduling their winter training. Following requests from competitors and their coaches, an ‘U19’ classification has been added to the Seniors Class of Events. Finally, a number of changes have been made to reflect the changes to the Articles of Association and Rules of British Rowing.

Tim Walton, Chairman, Rules of Racing Panel

Download the 2013 Rules of Racing

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