Statement of Anti-Doping Policy

British Rowing condemns the use of doping in sport and recognises the right of all Rowers to participate in a sport that is free from the misuse of drugs.  British Rowing is committed to educate, inform and test, as appropriate, participants competing in rowing in England, and representing Great Britain and England, so that it remains a drug-free sport.

It is a requirement of participation in the sport that all Rowers, rower support personnel and other persons under the jurisdiction of British Rowing comply with the Anti-doping Rule set out below and published by British Rowing.  The full UK Anti-doping Rules are available on the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) website:

In testing its Rowers British Rowing is committed to handling the management of results in a confidential and accountable manner and to carry out disciplinary procedures where appropriate by the fair and independent process it has agreed with its members and with UK Anti-Doping, its appointed National Anti-doping agency for the collection of samples. The disciplinary procedure for a contravention of these rules is published in full in the UK Anti-Doping Rules.

British Rowing’s Anti-Doping Advisory Group is responsible to the Executive Committee for the management of this policy and for reviewing and recommending any revisions to it.  It is also responsible for related education programmes and agreement of a Doping Control Programme with UK Anti-Doping. The Advisory Group is also responsible for notifying UK Anti-Doping of any known infringements of British Rowing’s rules by Rowers or support personnel who may be tested outside the UK. British Rowing’s Anti-Doping Advisory Group is composed of the following:

  • Chairman
  • Deputy Chairman
  • Medical Officer
  • Legal Adviser
  • Competitions Co-ordinator (or other independent person)
  • Performance Director
  • GB Rowing Team Chief Medical Officer
  • National Manager
  • Two Athletes’ Representatives 

Anti-Doping Rule

UKAD logoThe Anti-Doping Rules of British Rowing are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), as amended from time to time. Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of British Rowing.

Further Information

Please find below links to documents that explain current anti-doping regulations for rowing.  They are relevant for all rowers and not just those at International level.

British Rowing Practice for Declaration of Use / Therapeutic Use Exemptions
British Rowing, in consultation with FISA and UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), has published a practice for ALL rowers in relation to Declaration of Use / Therapeutic Exemtpions.  Please click on the link above for further information.

The British Rowing Position Statement on the Use of Supplements was updated in 2014 to include advice for junior rowers.  A pdf file is available to download (see below). In addition, UKAD have published a leaflet to advise parents and carers which can be downloaded below.

Rowers are strongly advised against the arbitary use of supplements, which is in keeping with the policy of the British Olympic Association.  If there is a need for a supplement to be used it should be under qualified medical supervision and not at random.  Please click on the link above to read the full Statement.  Further Information Sheets for be found here: Creatine and Caffeine

General Information

Please visit the UK Anti-Doping Website ( for further information regarding the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code and Anti-Doping Procedures.  Click on the links below for direct access to information regarding Prohibited Substances.

Global Drug Reference Online
Check out the status of any medication prior to use to ensure it is not a prohibited substance in or out of competition.  It should be noted that the "in competition" testing window includes the 24 hours either side of the competition.  Rowers are therefore strongly advised to use a drug's "in competition status" as the reference point to ensure there is no doubt as to whether a drug is prohibited or not.

The WADA Prohibited List of Drugs (2014) is available to read or download (see file below).

If you'd like to report anything suspicious

Please visit

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