Affiliation Benefits

As an affiliated British Rowing club, you are recognised as a voting member of the organisation. We will support your clubs development and help you meet national standards of governance which helps to make clubs safe and well-run.

Voting Rights

A key part of affiliation is to vote for your representative who will take a full part in the activities of your Regional Rowing Council. This means you can have your say on the sport at a national level and within any British Rowing consultation.

Competition Rights

Your club will have access to the British Rowing Online Entry System (BROE2) and be able to enter over 230 British Rowing competitions nationwide. These include a wide range of competitions from smaller river regattas to national head races, all of which are listed on the racing calendar. It is up to clubs to decide which events you want to enter. Note, these are only open to affiliated clubs.

A condition of entry to Henley Royal Regatta is that English Clubs must have been affiliated to British Rowing for at least twelve months prior to the regatta. For entry to Henley Women’s Regatta, the requirement is six months.

ClubHub Portal

The ClubHub Portal is British Rowing’s online club membership management system and is available to all clubs as part of their affiliation to British Rowing. There are a number of benefits to using the ClubHub Portal which will help you to manage your members more effectively and efficiently. This online management system is supported by a set of ‘how to’ guides covering all aspects of running a rowing club.

You can find more information on the ClubHub Portal on our website here.

Club Kit

Your club colours for both your blades and clothing will be registered with British Rowing and will appear in the British Rowing Almanack. We help clubs to keep their club kit distinguishable from one another with the support of our National Competitions Committee (NCC).

Please note if you wish to change your clothing or blades design then this request needs to be sent to [email protected] to ensure that these don’t clash with another club.

Staff and Volunteer Support

Affiliating your club gives you access to all the services that British Rowing provides. This includes support from our professional staff who have a range of experience dealing with clubs on a regular basis, a network of volunteers and committees with expert knowledge on a variety of subject areas, as well as British Rowing resources and accreditation schemes. Support is available for all our clubs on matters such as management, development and governance.

Standards and Recognition

Being affiliated to British Rowing as the National Governing Body of the sport indicates that the club recognises its responsibilities to its members to conduct rowing within the good practice guidelines for safety, training, governance, equity, anti-doping and other policies developed and practiced for the benefit of all rowers.

You will be recognised by Sport England as a community sports club, Local Authorities and other Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies and be able to access their support for funding at regional and local level.

Waterways Advocacy and Discount

We work with waterways agencies, as required, to support the interests of rowing, lobbying for better access to waterways and protecting our environment.

We currently provide a discount and administrative support to those clubs who row or race on Environment Agency (EA) waters. We also liaise with the EA, as necessary, to provide this level of support negotiating to provide the best deal possible for rowing clubs.

National Presence

Representing rowing’s interests with the government, sports councils and a host of national and regional agencies. This interest is mainly through the All Party Parliamentary Rowing Group who we provide some support to both financially and with our expertise.

Find out how you can get involved here.

International Presence

We work with the International Rowing Federation (FISA) to promote the interests of rowing globally. This is through working closely with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and supporting other rowing nations to promote the universality of the sport.

This also provides an opportunity to promote the interests of British Rowing on the world stage.


All affiliated clubs receive publicity via the British Rowing website, social media channels and in the British Rowing Almanack. This provides clubs with an audience reach of over 100,000 all of which attracts members and non-rowers to clubs.

We will list job adverts of our affiliated clubs on our website for free, which is the value of £300. A cost is charged to unaffiliated clubs.

People interested in starting rowing and searching for their local club using our club-finder will only see affiliated clubs in this search.

Regular updates

Once affiliated, the club will receive updates from British Rowing. These include coaching conferences, technical workshops and seminars, coach training and CPD, trial programmes, safety information, safeguarding information, coaching and volunteer awards and advice on good practice. The Club Stream monthly newsletter includes information on policy updates and activities.

Club Insurance Discount

There are discounts on club insurance if more than 75% of club members are registered with British Rowing. An active membership helps us monitor the success of the club if you decide to apply for any grants or funding.


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