Skill Development

Learn from our GB performance coaches how to coach the core skills needed by all your rowers


Skill should set the foundations for all rowers and will ultimately help the boat go faster, but how much time do we spend in our sessions developing this? The skills learnt on this workshop can be used to support individuals learning to row in any setting. The workshop also covers how you can adapt these skills for different boat types and abilities.

Skill drills help form the basis for good rowing and knowing how to teach your rowers to perform these skills correctly. The workshop develops the coaches’ understanding of the importance and relevance of the seven exercises below for beginner, intermediate and expert rowers:

  • The grip
  • Rigger dips
  • Standing rigger dips
  • 360 degree turn
  • Tap down and feather
  • Hands off at the catch
  • Emergency stop

At the end of the course, time is spent considering how you might build skill acquisition into an annual training programme and suitability of when to do so.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what is meant by skill development
  • Know where, when and how to use skills in a rowing session
  • Know how to execute the skill correctly
  • Understand potential limiting factors to executing the skill
  • Link the skill to making the boat go faster
  • Know how to progress the skill

Book onto this workshop now and learn from the best – our British Rowing Performance Coaches.

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