High Quality Land Training Part 1 – Strong & Robust Movements – Lower Body

Having tested your rowers to determine benchmarks for their core stability in the Safe and Strong Trunks workshop, you will now be in a position to develop appropriate land training.


This is the third workshop in a series of three run by British Rowing’s Talent Pathway and GB Rowing Team coaches provides coaches with the tools to make rowers’ land training more effective, reducing injuries and improving performance on the water. It covers tissue conditioning, movement control and provides insight into the component parts of a strength and conditioning session and how to apply them.

Quick Facts

How much will it cost?


How long is the workshop?

Three hours.

Who can attend?

Any coach who would like to know how to create a strength and conditioning session for the lower body.

How is the workshop structured?

This workshop has a mixture of both theory and practical; there will be some physical activity involved.

How do I apply?

Step 1

You should have ideally attended the previous two workshops in the series:

Step 2

Check the calendar to find a workshop near you.

Then book online using our booking system.

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