Insurance for Events

When arranging any competition or event you have a duty of care towards those taking part, including spectators.

British Rowing insurance for events protects the organisers and organising committee against the cost of a claim made against you following injury to someone else or damage to their property.

What is covered by British Rowing event insurance?

British Rowing affiliated events.

A small number of private matches approved annually by the Competition Committee, e.g. Henley Boat Races, approved list of regattas run by the Coastal Rowing Associations and Ball Cup Races.

Events completely organised by the Regional Rowing Councils. This includes inter-regional events, regional training days and so on. This only applies to events which are organised and delivered by the region in accordance with RowSafe guidance and include the appointment of suitably qualified British Rowing personnel.

What is not covered by British Rowing event insurance?

Local events approved by the region that are delivered by the clubs are not covered. These are classed as inter-club events and need to be covered by the clubs organising them. This includes Explore Rowing events, local leagues, and tours. If in doubt please do check with the British Rowing office.

For further details, see the British Rowing insurance mini-site,

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Insurance for Clubs

Clubs need to make sure that as well as adequately insuring their clubhouse and boats, they carry suitable liability insurance that caters for the full range of activities that they as a club and a committee undertake.

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