Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and promotion covers such a large amount of activity that it can easily get muddled and the message lost.

When thinking about what sort of promotion to use, don’t forget the basic:

Why, What, Who and How?

If you feel you would like some practical tips on marketing, look out for the Marketing Workshop on the Education and Training calendar or try Sport England’s, Club Matters Marketing information.

British Rowing can help with many aspects of marketing your club through visibility on our website, Club Finder, and helping make contacts with County Sports Partnerships, however there are many other things that you can do more locally.

Make the most of what you do

If you have an event, make sure that the local media knows about it. Send reports and photos and don’t forget to put contact details of someone people can get in touch with who are interested in getting involved. A list of local newspapers can be found here and here, and for a list of radio stations see here.

Please be aware of British Rowing’s SPC Social Media Guidance before publishing content via any media.

British Rowing is always delighted to receive information on any events or activities. We constantly promote what our clubs do on our website, on Facebook and on Twitter @britishrowing. Remember, this includes events that are not competitions. Promoting fundraisers, social events and challenges will make your club look more vibrant and active. The Club Finder tool on our website will link directly to your club website.

Make the club visible

Get large posters and/or flags up outside your club on how to join and if possible have equipment on show to catch people’s attention.

Hold regular taster sessions

These give people a chance to try being in a boat and a feel for the club environment. They will also help people to try before signing up for a full learn to row course. This reduces dropout rates as participants will already know that it’s something they enjoyed. For some people who have never been part of a club environment it could potentially be intimidating so use it as an opportunity to show how welcoming your club can be.

Get a good looking, functional, up to date website

If someone has searched for your club wanting to learn to row and the site still has last year’s courses listed, they will assume that you aren’t taking new people. Make it clear when the next taster is and who to contact to register interest. Make sure you keep your club details up to date on Club Management and let us know is there are any updates.

Know who you are marketing to

Make sure you have different approaches for different groups of people. A 25 year old woman will likely have very different expectations to a 55 year old man so reflect that when you advertise for new members. Think about whether your target group would be inspired by the materials you are using. British Rowing can provide data packs of membership and market segmentation which gives information on groups in your area who may be interested in taking up rowing. For details of this please contact

Social Media

It is really important to adhere to some basic rules to ensure that your committee and members follow best practice advice. See the Communications section of the website for a guide to using social media.


Branding can sound like a buzzword but if you want to promote your club, you need to be consistent in how you portray it. Try and use the same colour scheme and fonts in all posters and adverts, that way people will start to recognise it.

British Rowing is happy for clubs to use the logo on any publicity materials. There are a few guidelines that should be followed when using it to make sure it’s consistent- follow the link to the Brand Guidelines here. It is important that you do not attempt to change either the logo or the lettering but British Rowing can assist you in using the logo in the context of your publicity material.

If you need copies of any British Rowing logos please contact

For Sport England logos and branding advice, see the website

Any branding involving the BOA, BPA and the Olympic or Paralympic movement is protected by an act of Parliament so cannot be used without permission. See details here.

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