Coastal Rowing Associations

Clubs who operate under the umbrella of the following organisations affiliate directly to British Rowing:

As with Fixed Seat Associations, the parent association is the governing body for that particular branch of the sport and is responsible for competitions, safety, governance, and so on.

The link with British Rowing allows clubs to access further support from British Rowing staff on matters such as Development and Education and Training.

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Once affiliated to British Rowing, clubs can achieve 'stamps of approval' from one or both of the accreditation schemes, Clubmark and the Explore Rowing Programme.

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Affiliation to British Rowing

As an affiliated British Rowing club, you are a voting member of the association.

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Club Affiliation Fees and Requirements

Every club being an affiliated member will pay an annual subscription, based on membership, which helps to fund, administrate and support our sport.

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Fixed Seat Associations

A number of Fixed Seat Associations are affiliated to British Rowing

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