Affiliation and Membership

Clubs are at the centre of the sport of rowing and British Rowing is committed to supporting volunteers to develop the sport at their clubs.

British Rowing’s Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2024 defines our strategic objectives as an organisation including our Mission, Vision and Values.

As a rowing club or association affiliated to British Rowing you will receive a wide range of benefits. Some of these are:

  • Voting Rights – a say in elections for British Rowing and your Regional Rowing Council.
  • Competition Rights – to enter British Rowing competitions.
  • Administrative Support – Club Management System, an area on the British Rowing website to support you.
  • Club Stream – a quarterly newsletter for your committee with direct links to a range of services and things you need to know.
  • Publications – technique resources, marketing materials, mailings.
  • Advisory – safety, management, safeguarding and so on.
  • Education and training– training for your club volunteers, UKCC, workshops, conferences, seminars.
  • Competition services – entries administration, points, technical support.
  • Strategy and planning – development, growing the sport.
  • Funding – advice on accessing funding for capital development, equipment purchase and coaching.

British Rowing offers an accreditation scheme that will help you publicise and deliver high quality rowing programmes for schemes such as Clubmark (junior rowing) and Explore Rowing (Learn to Row and ongoing programmes for rowers).

For information on British Rowing’s structure and the Articles of Association please see the Strategy and Governance section of the website.

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Once affiliated to British Rowing, clubs can achieve 'stamps of approval' from one or both of the accreditation schemes, Clubmark and the Explore Rowing Programme.

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Affiliation to British Rowing

As an affiliated British Rowing club, you are a voting member of the association.

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Club Affiliation Fees and Requirements

Every club being an affiliated member will pay an annual subscription, based on membership, which helps to fund, administrate and support our sport.

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