Affiliation Renewal

Every year we ask your club to formally affiliate to British Rowing (BR). This means you continue to receive our support and club benefits, including the ability to enter British Rowing affiliated competitions through the British Rowing Online Entry system (known as BROE2). Affiliation also helps ensure your club meets our national standards. This applies to all types of clubs including Schools, Universities and Colleges.

There are a few steps involved in the affiliation process:

Step 1: Review and update your club roles and contacts

British Rowing requires that all affiliated clubs appoint a Club Rowing Safety Adviser and also a Club Welfare Officer, for Clubs where children may be present and publish their contact details.

All affiliated clubs should also have a Chairman and a Secretary/Correspondent to whom all communications are to be sent. We are now also asking clubs to provide contacts for a Club Captain, Treasurer and Entries Secretary.

Please review and keep your contacts up to date in our Club Management system.

These contact details ensure British Rowing can stay in touch with your club and keep you up to date on important matters. If you need any help logging in or using the Club Management system, please get in touch with us at


Step 2: Complete your club Safety Audit

Every year British Rowing requires affiliated clubs to review their safety procedures, equipment and risk assessments via an online Safety Audit. Note this process happens from October – November each year.

Your Club Rowing Safety Adviser (CRSA) will be emailed with information and a link to complete the audit online. We will also include a link to a secure club folder on Google Drive where you can access your club’s Safety Audits from recent years, for your reference. If your CRSA doesn’t received this email please contact us at

To learn more about the safety audit please click here.


Step 3: Review your club documents

Affiliated clubs are required to have an acceptable constitution that sets out club rules, and also includes three clauses as per section 6.1.6 of the British Rowing Regulations. This states a club must: 6.1.6. Provide a copy of its constitution, which must contain an equal opportunities clause and confirmation that the Club will abide by the Regulations and adhere to the safety requirements of the British Rowing RowSafe Guide

You can find further information on club constitutions on the British Rowing website here.

See the Managing Your Club section for more information on the legal structures of clubs.


Step 4: Submit a membership declaration

Every year clubs must declare to British Rowing how many members they have. This total should include every person holding membership of the club in any category, both British Rowing registered and non-British Rowing registered members.

Clubs will pay an annual subscription, based on membership, which helps to fund, administrate and support our sport.

Clubs that haven’t paid their affiliation fee by the payment deadline, or been in touch with British Rowing to discuss alternative arrangements, will first have their access to BROE2 revoked (meaning they will not be able to enter crews into affiliated competitions), then be suspended from racing (meaning they will not be able to enter or race in any pre-entered competitions). We will also list clubs that we haven’t heard from on our website.

Note that these processes are only used as a last resort, and we’ll be in touch with clubs throughout the affiliation period to do our best to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Full details of the requirements for club affiliation can be found in section 6 of the British Rowing Regulations, which you can access via the Policies and Guidance section of our website.

2018 – 2019 year

Dates and deadlines for your diary

 Safety Audit to be completed and submitted:
Opened: 1 October 2018  –  Deadline: 30 November 2018

Clubs suspended from racing if Safety Audit not submitted:
3 December 2018

Club contacts and details to be updated:
31 January 2019

 Club member numbers declared and affiliation fee paid:
Opens: 1 February 2019  –  Deadline: 31 March 2019

Club’s BROE2 access removed if declaration or payment not made:
1 April 2019

 Clubs suspended from racing if declaration or payment not made:
13 May 2019

Note: Dates for the 2019 – 2020 affiliation year will be published by 1 April 2019.

Club Management

Each club should have a designated Club Management Administrator. This person will maintain and manage your Club Management page. Some of this information will appear on the website when using our Find a Rowing Club section and other secure contact info will be used by British Rowing to contact your club. Please ensure you maintain up-to-date information on this page for the public and for us to easily contact you.

To access this page click here.  Should you have problems with this system or need to change the administrator, please content us here.

Insurance Requirements

Clubs should ensure that adequate and appropriate public or preferably civil liability insurance is in place to cover all the activities of the club, its committee and members.

For information on club insurance see the Managing Your Club section.

Please note that an email outlining the above requirements was sent to all Club Secretaries on 4 October 2018. If your club has not received this then get in touch with

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