There are a number of benefits to using British Rowing ClubHub which will help you to manage your members more effectively and efficiently and help you provide them with a better membership experience

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if your club uses the club membership management system.


1. Saves you time

British Rowing ClubHub will reduce the time you spend signing up, renewing and managing your members by allowing them to do all this themselves, online. No more forms to be processed, emails to keep track of, spreadsheets to keep up-to-date or people to chase. British Rowing ClubHub will simplify and automate as many of these membership-related processes as possible, and all your members’ personal data will be centralised and stored for you, safe and secure, in British Rowing ClubHub’s cloud based system.


2. Streamline your financial processes

British Rowing ClubHub will provide you with a facility to move all your club payments online. This could cover everything from membership and boat racking, to race entry fees and training camp charges. No more storing cash in the clubhouse, banking cheques and checking statements, just secure online payments direct into your club’s account.

British Rowing ClubHub will:

  • Save you time
  • Streamline your financial processes
  • Provide easy access to club insights
  • Help you communicate
  • Help you comply with data regulations
  • Provide up-to-date business knowledge and best practice
  • Streamline the affiliation process


3. Provide easy access to club insights

British Rowing ClubHub will give you at-a-glance updates on your current membership levels, financial position and more. As well as being instantly informative, over time these will let you track growth and identify trends and issues, to help you to be more efficient in the running of your club.


4. Help you communicate

British Rowing ClubHub will capture all your members’ contact information and generate up-to-date mailing lists for you. No more separate lists to keep up-to-date, and less of a risk of them being shared with the wrong people. British Rowing ClubHub will also help to easily identify specific groups or squads within your members, and provide you with the facility to manage teams, create and send professional-looking targeted emails or club-wide communications.


5. Help you comply with data regulations

The government’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force in May 2018. All clubs that maintain personal data on their members will need to comply with GDPR and the practices it lays down – with potentially heavy fines for those that don’t. British Rowing ClubHub will give you the security of knowing all your members’ personal, contact and payment information is safe and secure in a state-of-the art, industry-leading management system and allow British Rowing to provide guidance to clubs on how to comply with GDPR by using this system.


6. Provide up-to-date business knowledge and best practice

British Rowing ClubHub will provide you with all the knowledge you need to run your club as a successful small business, with content accessible 24/7. This will include expert advice on employment, tax, facilities management, tenure, and health and safety, right through to volunteer and community engagement and marketing.


7. Streamline the process of your affiliation to British Rowing

If your club uses British Rowing ClubHub then we will be able to identify your club committee members and their related contact information on their profiles and run the whole process of affiliation through the system, rather than through emails and our website. This will make it easier to go through the club affiliation process for 2019/2020.


Alongside British Rowing ClubHub, British Rowing will continue to provide clubs with bespoke help and support via a small team of Community Support Managers. You can contact this team with any club-related questions here.


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