British Rowing Masters Championships FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the British Rowing Masters Championships 2021

Will you be using the handicap system?

Yes, we will use the handicap system in the Championship events where there would be no race. For example if we receive 2 D.4+ and 1 E.4+ these will be raced as a handicap race. In general handicapped races will be raced at the time of the event which has the greater number of crews. Please indicate if you do not want your crew to be in a handicap race.

What happens if there are more than 6 entries in my event?

There will be heats to determine the crews that will race in the final. See the ‘Progression System’ in the Notice of the Regatta for further details.

How will the Non-Championship events be raced?

There will be 3 age categories – A&B&C for crews with an average age of at least 27, D&E&F for crews with an average age of at least 50 and G&H&I&J&K for crews with an average age of at least 65. Events where there are more than 6 entries will be divided into tiers – by CRI – of roughly equal sizes. We may use the CRI of the crews to split the entry into more logical tiers.

Non-championship winners’ medals will be awarded only to the winning crew of each tier.

Are there any restrictions on entering the Non-Championship events?

Yes. No-one (excluding coxswains) who has won a gold medal in a Championship or IM3, or a medal in a Tier 1 event in previous Championships, or in a previous Scottish Championships, in the relevant discipline, i.e. sculling or sweep may enter a Non-Championship Intermediate event in any crew. We will have a list of previous winners on the Masters Champs website. BROE will allow these entries but we will reject any crew which does not abide by this rule.

Can I double up?

Yes, provided that each boat, and each crew member (including the coxswain) is only entered once in each division you can double or triple up as you like on each day.

If after the draw a substitution needs to be made requiring a doubling up in a division then this can be done provided that the timetable can accommodate it. There will be no rescheduling of races to allow substitutions.

Can international crews enter?

Yes. Each year we get several international crews entered. Provided the club is recognised by the national federation which is recognised by World Rowing then you are welcome to race. Please contact British Rowing on +44 20 8237 6700 if you require a login for the BROE system.

Are composite crews allowed?

Yes. There are no restrictions of the number of clubs which can form composites.

Can I enter by post?

No. We require all entries to be made by the BROE entry system.

Can I pay on the day?

No. The Entries Secretary must receive all entry fees by the closing date shown on the poster. No payment = no entry!

Can we use the lake on the Friday afternoon?

Yes you can but you must make your own arrangements with the Centre and pay the appropriate lake-use fee. Our hire of the lake only starts on Saturday morning.

Can my crew use the course on the Saturday evening?

No. It is probable that the lake will not be open for practice after racing on the Saturday evening. If this changes an announcement will be made on this website with details of times the lake will open and close.

Can we have a practice outing on the course during racing?

No, this is not possible. You can go for an outing on the River Trent if you wish but you must make sure you have an appropriate boat licence

Can you adjust the racing programme to fit in with my travelling arrangements?

This is not normally possible because of the impact on other crews. Racing is provisionally expected to be from 09:00 to 18:00 (depending on entries) and you should make travel arrangements to fit around these times. In particular please check train and flight times to make sure you are on a late enough train or flight to fit in with the racing schedule.

How will you contact me or my club if there are any queries about my entry?

Automatic e-mails from BROE will be sent to the club administrator that put the entries in. If we need to contact you we will use the same e-mail addresses and phone numbers that are set up in BROE for your administrators so you should make sure their contact details are entered correctly. If you have given us your personal e-mail address or phone number we may also use that to contact you.

What happens if you cannot arrange anything for my crew or me?

You will be given a full refund.

What are the arrangements for parking?

The Centre now charges for parking. The Centre have installed an automatic number-plate recognition parking system for this year. Parking is available via an app at a charge of £5 for the day. We hope that restrictions about car sharing will have been relaxed by the date of the Championships.

Do you hire boats?

No, but there are several boat clubs based in the vicinity and we can provide details if you require boat hire.

Can I enter Non-Championship on Sunday if I win on Saturday?

Yes. The Championships are a single regatta and any change of status only takes effect at the end of racing on Sunday.

Will I get a refund if my event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled before Saturday we will endeavour to refund some of the entry fees after the costs of the event have been covered. Once the event has started we will be unable to refund entry fees. Any refunds will be made through BROE to the card that paid for the entry originally.

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