Gazebo Pitch Reservations for British Rowing Junior Championships


Reservations will close at 14:00 on Tuesday, 17 July. After this time, enquiries should be made in person at the Registration Office at the Regatta, but please note that space is limited so last-minute reservations cannot be guaranteed.

  • Please use this form to submit details to reserve a gazebo pitch for the 2018 British Rowing Junior Championships. You will be contacted by the RowShow Co-ordinator within five working days to inform you whether your pitch reservation has been successful. You will then need to make payment by balance transfer or send a cheque to confirm your pitch reservation.
  • Email will be the primary means of contact to inform you whether your pitch reservation has been successful
  • This will be used as an alternative means of contact if required
  • Please add any further information about your request
    Please note that a pitch in your preferred area cannot be guaranteed. Space is especially limited on the Elms Lawn.
    Please note that pitches will be allocated once payment is received: the sooner you pay the more likely you are to be given a pitch close to the Finish Line.
  • 1. Gazebos, marquees, tents and other like structures ("tented structures") may only be pitched to the rear (top) of the Grassy Bank near the scoreboard. 2. Pitches are charged at a daily rate of £35 per pitch on Friday and £60 per pitch on Saturday or Sunday. Discounted rates are available for bookings made by Friday, 29th June. 3. The discounted rate for a single pitch on Saturday & Sunday is £100 or £120 for Friday to Sunday. Two pitches on the same day are charged at £60 on Friday and £100 on Saturday or Sunday; two pitches on Saturday & Sunday are charged at £165 and two pitches for Friday to Sunday are charged at £215. These rates only apply to bookings made by Friday, 29th June. 4. Pitches must be reserved and paid for in advance. Payment must be received by Monday, 2nd July 2018. Pitches not paid for by this date may be cancelled and you may still be liable to be charged. 5. No tented structure may be pitched except on a designated pitch. 6. The size of a pitch is 40’ x 20’ (12m x 6m) but no tented structure may be larger than 30’ x 20’ (9m x 6m) to allow room between structures. However, two pitches may be booked for larger structures up to a maximum size of 60' x 20' (18m x 6m) provided the prevailing ground conditions are suitable. 7. Tented structures may only be pitched within the marked pitch, leaving a clear 5' (1.5m) between the edges of the structure and the edges of the pitch. 8. All tented structures must be securely fastened, giving consideration to the prevailing and expected weather conditions. 9. Any structures that remain pitched overnight must be securely fastened and remain entirely at your own risk. 10. No responsibility or liability can be accepted by the Organising Committee, British Rowing Ltd, Holme Pierrepont Leisure Trust or Serco for any loss, theft, damage, injury, accident etc. 11. The Organising Committee and NWSC etc. reserve the right to refuse or cancel any reservation. 12. Pitches and reservations are not transferable. 13. No refunds will be given. 14. Vehicles may not be driven on the Grass Bank under any circumstances. The roadway at the top of the Grass Bank may be used for loading/unloading only, one vehicle per booking. 15. Completion of this form does not guarantee a pitch reservation. You will be contacted within five working days by the RowShow Co-ordinator to inform you whether your pitch reservation has been successful together with payment details. Your pitch will only be confirmed as reserved once payment is received. Pitches will be allocated once payment is received - the sooner you pay the more likely you are to be given a pitch close to the Finish Line. 16. I understand that my details will be shared with members of the organising committee for the purpose of allocating gazebo pitches for the event.


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