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At the 2019 British Rowing Junior Championships, the J14s will take on an omnium event on the Friday in either singles or doubles.

The omnium consists of a number of events (races, skills tests and manoeuvrability exercises) with points from from individual races, tests and exercises contributing to the overall ranking of each sculler or crew. This ranking will be used to determine the winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals.

Each sculler and crew will undertake a number of races, tests and exercises from the following menu:

  • Hands off at the catch
  • Stand up and turn around
  • Standing rigger dips
  • 360 degree boat spinning
  • Sequencing from front
  • Attaching to a stakeboat
  • Roll ups
  • Backing down
  • Slalom
  • Emergency stopping
  • 500m race

In order to help juniors prepare for the skills that will be tested, a set of videos can be found below that demonstrate how a number of the skills can be performed on the water.

Hand Off at the Catch

Keep a steady hand here! At “frontstops” take one hand off the handle at at a time. Make sure your hand is right off – you must pause and be still and complete this twice on each side.

Standing up and turn around

Once again against the clock, stand up, turn around 360° in the boat and sit down.

Standing Rigger Dips

How many times you can get each rigger into the water in one minute.

360 degree boat spinning

It’s a race against the clock as you use powerful whole body strokes to turn the boat around on the spot as quickly as possible.

Stakeboat Drill

Essential for races. Starting a boat length away from your coach, back down into your coach’s hands. Once attached, tap your boat 30° to the left, 30° to the right, and then back into the straight position.

Roll Ups

Clean and controlled recovery from “backstops” with feathered blades. Aim for three good ones in a minute.

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