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Rowing is an incredibly varied and versatile sport and activity.


You can take part in rowing on lakes, rivers and reservoirs, you could try your hand at coastal and surf-rowing and even tackle ocean crossings. We have a Club Finder and British Rowing staff around the country who can help you get started and find a way of rowing that suits you.

It’s all about having fun, making friends, being healthy, and sometimes just escaping to a wonderful stretch of water.

Our Explore Rowing Programme introduces a more flexible approach to rowing, using new, wider boats, making it easier for anybody to enjoy rowing.

Our ‘Explore Rowing’ clubs and new activities are committed to finding innovative ways to row so that we can keep people participating whatever their lifestyle.

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General Structure British Rowing Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, Registered in England No. 1706271. Individual members are generally linked to one of our 550 affiliated rowing clubs, which in turn are within ten rowing regions in England. Each region has a regional rowing council elected by the affiliated rowing clubs and competitions in the…

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Our Brand

The British Rowing master brand is synonymous with the development and success of the sport.

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Policies and Guidance

British Rowing has policies and guidance documents in place to help us keep the sport moving forward and achieve the highest standards of best practice.

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