National Committees

British Rowing has a number of committees and advisory panels which report to Board, the Sport Committee, or the National Committees.

The Sport Committee

The British Rowing co-ordinating committee for the development of the sport of Rowing. The committee has oversight of the activities, initiatives and policies within the remit of the standing committees represented on it. The Chair sits on the Board.

Chair:  Nick Hubble

The Sport Committee consists of the Chairs or nominated deputies of the following committees:

The National Coaching Committee

Promotes and supports the education and training of coaches, and develops an annual programme of coach education workshops and seminars.

Chair:  Vacant

The National Competition Committee

Leads the development of a strategy and programmes that will increase participation in competition rowing and provide a high quality performance pathway for competitive rowers.

Chair:  Phil Clements

Junior Rowing Committee

Develops and promotes junior rowing in clubs and schools, co-ordinating the work of the regional councils in junior rowing. It contributes to the developement of strategy and programmes for increasing participation by, retention of, competition for and the promotion of rowing for the under 18 age group. It co-ordinates this function with the Young Person’s Panel, and communicates and promotes the adoption of good practice and guidelines relating to junior rowing.

Chair:  John Layng

Masters’ Rowing Committee

Responsible for increasing participation in rowing for the over 27 age group. It encourages the development of new Masters’ regattas wherever possible and recommends any changes to the rules and practices where change might be advantageous to the development of Masters’ rowing.

Chair:  Brian Chapman

National Umpiring Committee

Responsible for planning, organising, and administering the training and licencing of umpires, and maintaining and developing the high standard of umpiring practice. Liaises with the National Competition Committee on umpiring and the Rules of Racing Panel.

Chair:  Sam Simons

Recreational Rowing Committee

Supports the provision and development of recreational rowing, disseminating information and promoting communication among clubs and other recreational rowing providers. It advises and support the organisers of recreational rowing events, including tours at all levels from club to international.

Chair:  John Turnbull

Rowing Safety Committee

Provides guidance and advice to British Rowing, supporting safe practice in all aspects of the sport of rowing. It develops and maintains guidance on rowing safety, and recommends, or takes, action as may be appropriate as a result of incidents that may come to the attention of the committee.

Chair:  Clive Pendry

Other committees and panels

There are a number of other committees and panels which report to the Board, Sport Committee, or the National Committees, including:

British Rowing Events Committee

Responsible for organising and running British Rowing annual competitions, incorporating such events as the Council may determine. It reports to the National Competition Committee.

Chair:  Jim Harlow

Finance Committee

Makes recommendations to the Board on financial issues, having reviewed these in greater detail than is possible by the Board. These include but are not limited to preparation and approval of budgets, investment of the company’s liquid reserves and monitoring of progress against budgets.

Chair:  Tina Kokkinos

Audit and Risk Committee

Makes recommendations to the Board on matters relating to governance, risk policies and procedures.  The committee reviews in depth the Directors’ Report and Statements its work included the keeping and review of an appropriate risk register.

Chair:  Peter Milhofer

Nominations Committee

The purpose of the committee is to evaluate the balance of skills, knowledge and experience of the Board and to make recommendations with regard to recruitment and succession planning.

Chair:  Mark Davies

Disciplinary and Grievance Panel

Ensures British Rowing handles complaints fairly and efficiently. The panel comprises a minimum of eight people and appoints a Chairman from amongst its numbers. The panel keeps under review procedures and makes recommendations to the Board as appropriate.

Chair:  Rodney Beer

Medical Advisory Panel

Advises British Rowing on how best to promote and protect the health of the British rowing community, as well as promoting and supporting the education, training and the dissemination of information to help reduce the risk of illness and injury to rowers. It reports to the Sport Committee.

Chair:  David Zideman

Anti-Doping Advisory Panel

Advises on and oversees the implementation of the British Rowing Anti-doping Policy and any related education programmes. It also advises UK Anti-Doping of any known infringements of British Rowing anti-doping rules by rowers or support personnel tested outside the United Kingdom. The Anti-Doping panel reports to the Board.

Chair:  Karena Vleck

International Relations Strategy Group

The International Relations Strategy Group (IRSG) provides strategic advice to the Chair and Board on engagement with the international sporting community to support British Rowing’s ambition for success in high performance and in bidding for major events; and to ensure British Rowing’s voice is heard in decision-making at an international level.

Chair: Annamarie Phelps, CBE

Multi-lane Umpiring Panel

Provides advice and guidance to maintain the consistency and standard of Multi-lane Umpiring in England and Wales, as well as assisting in the preparation and training of British umpires for World Rowing Umpire Licence examinations. Reports to the National Umpiring Committee (on matters relating to Multi-lane Umpiring in England and Wales) and the Board (when making recommendations for the nomination of British World Rowing umpires to international competitions).

Chair:  Claire McIntosh

Safeguarding Committee

Ensures that British Rowing’s procedures continue to reflect the current recommendations of external agencies that specialise in the protection of vulnerable groups, and these procedures are disseminated and applied by British Rowing’s members and staff. It oversees the implementation and monitoring of British Rowing’s safeguarding policies, and supports the implementation of British Rowing’s work towards the Child Protection in Sport Unit Safeguarding Framework. It reports annually to the Board through the Head of Safeguarding and Integrity, and advises the Sport Committee.

Chair: Liz Behnke

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