Poplar Regatta Cancelled

The 2013 Poplar Regatta has been cancelled, owing to the inclement wind forecast.

The one-day Regatta had been scheduled to take place in East London on 12th May, but this is the second time in as many years that organisers have been forced to cancel the event.

A message from Regatta Chairman John Roberts on http://poplarregatta.co.uk said:

“Due to strong westerly winds being forecast for this coming weekend, the Poplar Regatta Committee has decided to cancel this year’s Poplar Regatta.


“We are very sorry for the disappointment, but as up to 25mph winds have been forecast it was felt, in the interest of safety, we had no other option.

“We have taken this decision early to save crews a wasted journey as it was felt if the Regatta had been able to start it would have been for a very limited time before racing would have been abandoned.

“We do hope to see you again next year, and wish you all a successful year’s rowing.”

For more information about the Poplar Regatta, visit http://poplarregatta.co.uk.

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