Touring rowing in the Dordogne May 2009

What could be greener than a rowing tour in France?  If this cold spell has you dreaming of warmer climes, a trip down the Dordogne might fit the bill – and no need to worry about your ‘carbon footprint’.

Alan Marsden has written to tell us about a rowing event that takes place each year near his home in France. 


‘The Mascaret rowing tour happens to pass through the village where I live, in (and on) the Dordogne. The organisers are extremely helpful and have recently contacted me to ask if I could help to publicise next year’s event (May 21- 24 2009) in the UK. It will be their 15th anniversary and so far there has only ever been one British rower involved.

This seemed to be a very enjoyable event for all those involved last year. Ages of the participants ranged from late teens to mid sixties from a wide range of nationalities.’

Details of times and locations are below.  Apart from the programme they are in French but Alan has said that he is happy to help with an English translation if required.  Places are limited to 100 and will go to the first to sign up.  The closing date for applying is 29th April.

If you need any further information please e-mail Alan Marsden


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