At British Rowing we believe in continued education and personal development.  The aim of our workshops is to make education and training accessible to everyone.

We offer a range of courses to our coaches and members to ensure not only good practice in the sport of rowing but also enjoyment in taking part.

British Rowing has developed a series of workshops to cover areas that do not require a formal qualification or lengthy time commitment. These range in duration from three hours to a full day. They include any relevant theory but generally have a practical approach.

The workshops are flexible and may cover a one-off topic, a series of programmes that can be completed as and when necessary, or even areas of specialised knowledge that require a dedicated session.

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British Rowing does not run a First Aid workshop, although training is available through the British Heart Foundation's Heartstart programme, which can be accessed by individual clubs, and other training may also be accessed through local CSPs, The Red Cross and other private providers.

First Aid training should be updated every three years and might save a life.

Please see the list of workshops on our calendar for more information. If there is a workshop that you would like to see added, please contact one of our Area Education & Training Managers.

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