Points & Status
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Rowers are awarded points when they win a qualifying race (see below). The event organisers inform British Rowing who update members' records on receipt of the information. The maximum number of points is 12 in both rowing and sculling.

Main Classes of Events

Events may be held under the following classes:

  • Senior - including Novice, Lightweight and U23
  • Junior
  • Masters

and in each of these classes, Open (regardless of sex), Women and Mixed, and in either discipline (sweep-oared or sculling).

Qualifying Conditions

An event is deemed to be qualifying when there has been at least one race in which a minimum of two crews have been placed. The British Rowing Rules of Racing cover this in much greater detail. None of the following are qualifying events:

  • a 'head' or 'bumping' race
  • a private match arranged solely between the clubs or competitors concerned
  • open only to members of one club, or solely to the clubs of one university or other self-contained body
  • races limited to disabled competitors
  • a fun event generated on the day among existing competitors
  • events held in 'playboats' or limited to competitors younger than J14, or handicap (other than veteran or relay races)
  • events where competitors are allocated to crews on the day by the organisers
  • events where special conditions apply and permission has been granted by the National Competition Committee
  • events for mixed crews of men and women
Senior Class

Senior rowing is open to all registered competitors, whatever their sex, weight or age.

Senior racing is sub-classified by status levels defined by the maximum number of points that may be held by the crew in total, in the appropriate discipline.

Events may be held in the following status levels. The chart below indicates the maximum number of points that may be held by a crew at each status level.

Status Level 8o/x 4o/x 2o/x 1x
Elite no limit no limit no limit no limit
Senior 72 36 18 9
Intermediate 1 48 24 12 6
Intermediate 2 32 16 8 4
Intermediate 3 16 8 4 2
Novice 0 0 0 0

The British Rowing Rules of Racing covers this much greater detail and can be read here.

A comprehensive comparison of the status points systems used by different rowing organisations/associations can be downloaded (see pdf below).

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