From personal challenges, ocean crossings, and fund-raisers to regattas, heads and international competition - there are so many ways to compete in rowing. Find out more about some of the more informal ways to challenge yourself with Explore Rowing.

The regatta and head competitions organised by British Rowing fall into two seasons. Rowing and sculling are classified separately and every competitor, whatever his or her age, weight, or gender (except coxswains who are not generally classified), has a separate status in each of the two disciplines. This status, based on points won, determines where the individual fits in senior racing and the total of the points held by the crew as a whole (excluding the cox) determines their senior classification. There are other classifications of events to which the points system does not apply, but every crew has a status determined by points in senior rowing.

Only competitors who are British Rowing-registered competition members and who are members of, and are representing, an affiliated rowing club, or who represent a club affiliated to another association recognised British Rowing or FISA, may compete in races and regattas held under these rules.

By expanding our online entry system, British Rowing aims to support competition organisers, allowing them to confirm more easily the eligibility and status of competitors.

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