Club Codes

Club Codes

All British Rowing affiliated clubs are assigned a three letter code that is used to help identify them.

All boats being used from clubs for racing, training, and recreation, including private craft, safety and coaching launches must be identifiable by the three letter code, issued by British Rowing, together with a three digit fleet number (including zeros) which is determined by the club.

The lettering must be in capitals, in a regular sans serif (Arial "style") font, with a minimum height of 6cm and clearly readable (in a contrasting colour) on both port and starboard saxboards or vertical surface.

Clubs must keep, readily available, an up-to-date list of their fleet number/boat reference, including that issued to any member with a privately owned boat.

Club members with private craft who move clubs must change the identification code to that issued by their new club before taking to the water.

The codes are shown below. You can use the drop-down select box below to filter by region.

Boat code sort descending Region
ORC Oratory Cardinals BC Thames, Thames Upper (2)
ORA Oratory School BC Thames, Thames Upper (2)
ORO Oriel College BC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
ORI Orion RC Thames
Orkney Sea Cadets Other
ORT Ortner BC Thames, Thames Upper (2)
OSI Osiris BC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OSG Osler House BC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OUD Oundelian BC Eastern
OUN Oundle School BC Eastern
OUT Oundle Town RC Eastern
OAC Oxford Academicals RC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OXA Oxford Adaptive RC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OXB Oxford Brookes University BC Thames, Thames Upper (2)
COX Oxford City RC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OUB Oxford Univ BC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OUL Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OLW Oxford University Lightweight Womens RC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
OUW Oxford University Women's BC Thames, Thames Upper (1)
Padstow (CPGA) Western


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